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Oct 9th 2012 at 1:20 AM

He, that Gretchen, 28, from sichuan province, from the age of 12, close relative's mother, sister and his father have go from him, and now he depend on every day in the streets to help others complement shoes for a living,Her, call water show, just over 25 years of age, and from zhanjiang, guangdong, the home has love her parents and brother, Jordans 12 Cool Greys for salein June this year just arrived from shantou university undergraduate course graduation of biological science and technology.

Others' eyes, water show with Gretchen was no "intersection". However, in less than half a year's time, by a pair of high heels start, they from acquaintance, to know, love, until eventually get married. In march of this year so far, in guangzhou longdong FuMinLu, air jordan retro 7 raptors for saletwo young people staged a period for the local people widespread love story.

Sheds -Relatives have "leave" also has turned its back on his fiancee,In march, the lunar New Year in the past soon, it is the winter goes, but Gretchen just experiencing life of the "winter". The end of last year, his father died of lung cancer.Know water show soon, she was to tell his story: since childhood living in the parents and two sisters side, only to study read primary school grade five. From 12 years old up, family members were "leave" he: that year, mother die of illness; Several years in the past, to go out to make a living from the big sister taishan return after the last letter, since then tidings none; 23 years old that year, two elder sister also died due to illness. With the memory of his pain, three years ago, where and his father came to guangzhou, into a shoe factory jobs.

At that time, where in my hometown fiancee also followed him together, where said frankly: "I am going to marry her life." But, in a few days after his father died, space jams for salefiancee also did not leave a word left him, and took three people for several years work in guangzhou income ten thousand yuan savings. Where left shoe factory, quite alone in longdong street stall complement shoes.acquaintance In exchange for heel meet for sympathy for her to visit him every day.

At this time, will be in June undergraduate course graduation water show, from shantou university came to guangzhou longdong, live in old classmates and friends small cheese place, planning to find work side side ready to graduate thesis.A few days to stay, water show looked at wear about of high-heeled shoes, think this is the time for new heel for needed to apply for. Friends first came here, little cheese after slightly wanted to introduce,johnny kilroy 9s "to the next street boy there right, craft is good, people also pretty honest."

Cloudy boys sleek shape, appearance not handsome. Water show smile said, "when can have no how to pay attention to him." A pair of heel 3 yuan, the second day take shoe pay, water show just first and where exchanged a few words. Since then, the two sides more congenial."I grew up feel, no mother's child is very poor." Water show said, she YuGuangGong everyday and financial college library between, ready to graduate thesis. At first, Jordan Gold Medal Pack For Salefor where sympathy, water will show every day to visit him, not for him from the school dining hall dozen rice.Fell in love-Feelings by family friend against her to choose

"He should first feeling!" Water show said, smiling, where a few days later he volunteered to her on the phone, get along with time, two people understanding have gradually. Into the animal husbandry company as a civilian work, every time at be on business on the way, separated by a microphone, and where she had a number of sleepless nights.April 25, water show returned to shantou university graduation thesis reply. That day night, on the phone, she promised put forward where the desire of the communication.News first several university students, the first reaction is "can't believe". Water show said, whether friends small cheese, or weekdays relationship better students have "remonstrate" questioning, "the cultural level of the two people are too far away, even if the future family organization, and it is difficult to communicate.

Know the news of his family, to water show objections even more fierce. Mother first declare: "was born in broken families children, no parents, in the future to marry him but have to suffer." Then the home other elder persuade: "pick a complement shoes? You but college students ah."In the face of the ensuing remind, persuasion and opposition, water show surprisingly chose to adhere to. "Occupation is not low, he tried to get with one's own hands for life, he is a worthy of respect man."mutually-Fall in love with his personality and he lives in crude let,Born broken families, poverty, no decent job, "I never think he grow handsome", where on earth on what makes water show killer? She lightly said: "he is, and to my tolerance."September 3,, two people get a marriage certificate, from now on will live together in longdong street, making a rent the house.

Let the area is only ten square meters, in addition to the toilet, kitchen besides, then put down a bed, there is no more space. This is their new house, but also only be called is a head covering the tile.Complement shoe stall and house one street apart, a piece of wood deng, a locomotive, a wooden tools, this is Gretchen for living property. Nowadays, the young couple sitting in the street every day, his wife help to take things, the husbandjohnny kilroybusy tinkering, a pair of shoes 3 yuan, an umbrella 2 yuan. "Now do the person in charge of this line, one day to make a 40 yuan has very good." Where not anxiously said. "the rent 230 yuan, two people only a few hundred yuan living expenses, quite difficult."Initial a wife, water show is used every day in the days of careful calculation and strict budgeting markets. Material not rich, but she said that where is can accommodate her life was quite happy.Phase with-He'd like to open a shoe shop pregnant she taught him to learn computer,Although the life is tough, but where said, can get a good wife have been satisfied.Water show pregnant for more than two months, in the future, in addition to two people own life, must also take up a lot of child rearing. In the future days, she said he is confident to her husband."He is a very hard." Water show confidence to say, every where

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