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Dec 26th 2012 at 11:45 PM

Beijing jinyu, is "the tigers dynasty" in the CBA meet the fifth challenger. Guangdong killed 11 times into the finals, the first ten times only three times the premiership title to the bayi, seven times, all ShouLei success. This time, Beijing challenge results do not know how to, but this time, I hope everyone (micro bo) can pay more attention to the process of raptor 7s 2012the game, or see the ShouLei and challenges in the process.
Actually recall, we in the past seems to be more to remember the guangdong ShouLei glorious success and results, but the challenges and guardian process fade from memory. If the CBA startup period many old minister rate team into the NBA finals put aside for the moment, this generation of guangdong dynasty final mission in fact from 2003 officially began, that year, if only to see para, it is so gorgeous. The 815 tiger will LiuYuDong, LiNan,olympic 7s 2012 jinsong zhang, FanBin and MoKe, is together brush of GuoZiHao, and guangdong DuFeng, ZhuFangYu, SongXi, lie group and yi, it can fully and eight each para. Plus the bayi bench appalling, a LiKe strong people, guangdong has WangShiPeng, Dixon and well-known para. As the media and fans best waiting for the so-called "inheritance campaign" opens, but found that after the first three games completely become a big score wars. Guangdong's finals lack experience completely exposed at this time, and the bayi LaoLa reflect incisively and vividly. In fact, guangdong is from 2003 finals start, truly understand the regular season and playoffs finals, it is a completely different typejordan 11 for saleof game. So since then, the throne of CBA almost always by their own.
Again in August first, guangdong understand DuFeng as 4 a agility and importance, not only with DuFeng main attack, more use of his global coordination will activate; In the face of jiangsu, guangdong at the critical moment to see the ZhuFangYu big heart and hemorrhagic, game 5 guest war, having in almost in despair, ZhuFangYu three points every shot told. Make guangdong turn success; In the face of liaoning warcraft inside, guangdong speed play an important role WangShiPeng experience, 2006, after the agreement within the process for is completely commander manner; When yue jiang repeated finals the confrontation, guangdong's championship temperament reflect more obvious, accumulation and gaining proper, air jordan 11 for salealthough xinjiang constantly recruiting, strong attack, but the last laugh or guangdong.
Guangdong dynasty, it is the accumulation and become. But the hard work the process? Do you still remember?
Bayi in retirement veteran continuously under the precondition of Mesozoic such as forlorn hope has added impact, do you still remember the WuQian, li ke, ChenChen, FuXueLiang? They do not famous, but their bench can contribute strength all play out, to jordan retro 11 bredguangdong has made a lot of trouble, but in wang zhizhi regression season, they even will guangdong directly over; Jiangsu the configuration is also a luxury, they outside elite emerge in endlessly, from hu weidong to r. vishny to MengDa Winston, match with of birth without notice we collect inside and sedate QiuSuBing, they are all challengers in guangdong only will force the final decisive battle; And liaoning although much internal friction, but in the finals in 2008 when they make the national basketball fans see their Mesozoic and rising star: ZhangQingPeng, YangMing, GuLiYe, LiXiaoXu and left the LiuXiangTao, such team let people understand liaoning basketball talent is rich, followed by HanDeJun, LiuShuNan, celebrating the day for the emergence of the, it's not surprising; Said to xinjiang, from introducing bateer start, they would not have to stop, although there is a pity that the cause of the finals, but missed both foreign aid or NaYuan, including self cultivation of young players, xinjiang's progress has been to make the fans see in the eye, when last yearjordan 11 bred 2012 quincy - dolby in finals blockbuster projection of the first and the second almost throughout the three big lead over, let a person has almost began to think of guangdong dynasty will easy to master. In view of guangdong one champion throne, to continue, you will recall the challenger past, and let them nearly successful effort?
I even don't doubt I mentioned before each name, in every lonely or dark moment, alone the thought of old past, or pleased EnQiu or dejected, as the Japanese cartoon "slamdunk", that the shoe store boss, always think of he represents loop wheel in his high school how to miss a shot, which makes the key after the affiliated hainan opened kanagawa the king's mode. The blood of the soldiers makes, this is the cruel competition; But as concerns, each the courage to challenge people or teams are worthy of our applause, no eternal dynasty, only the eternal challenge.
Now, Beijing jinyu stood in the challenger position, they have created their jordan bred for saleown to participate in professional league since best record, lightly, as 2003 years of guangdong in the face of the most LaoLa eight temporary state. They have this season league best foreign aid, the most compelling rookie, and even professional league the brightest stage. The most experience, strength and power of the team, are waiting for their challenge.
No matter how is the result, in the hope that it will be the highlight of the final: ready to make the most ShouLeiZhe, as well as the most confident challenger.

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