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Change Your Words, Change Your Life!!

Apr 3rd 2011 at 10:16 AM

April 3, 2011

Change Your Words, Change Your Life!!

When you read this title what was the first thing that came to your mind, over used phrases we all use over and over again.  One or two may or might come to mind immediately, lets trying something here.   Lets try an exercise; lets take a phrase that "YOU" consistently say or use over and over again.  One we may all use, is Have a Nice Day!!! This phrase to me means one thing immediately when l hear it.  It has non-committal words like, Nice, Good, they truly have no impact to the listener, depending on who you are talking to.

Now if we where just think before using that phrase and change one word, just one word what would happened to that phrase.  Let's try it out and see what l mean by words have the ability to change your life.  Take the word "NICE" out our phrase "Have a Nice Day" and replace it with any word that has an impact, lets use delightful. OK here how the phrase now sounds like, read it out loud when you are doing this read.  Have a delightful day!!

Just one example what yo can do by taking a closer look at the phrase and words you use when you are communicating with family, friends, business, new associates etc.  When we develop these skills, we enhance our image immediately.  We all need to work on our vocabulary, compliments are ice breakers, then you become much more expressive in your abilities of communicate at a different level.  learn simple concepts like this will provide you with the road of success.  Success is a road, journey that takes time to develop and become that person you want to be.

Keep this in mind when you use  phrases such as "I prefer" instead of "I hate" this will lower your intensity of your overall emotions.  The when you use keep phrase of "I am unstoppable" as to using "I feel good" you now see the impact l am sharing with you at this very moment..Lets develop and sharing some of the best examples you can think of and post it as a comment lets get some award winning phrases lets do it..

Hope you enjoyed and learned from this article for more information and to follow this group you can visit our group anytime read all other articles that will enhance you with being the best you can be,


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