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Caution car maintenance

Apr 13th 2015 at 7:35 PM


Timely cleaning

Encountered heavy rain, ignition coil the car should be cleaned after the return, or can lead to the gap at the lower side of the vehicle accumulation of sludge, which is the moisture to be hiding place, but also the place most likely to lead to rust.

Paint protection

Acid rain components for automotive paint with a strong corrosive effect over time will cause damage to the car's paint, so more rain season, the best finish to give the car to conduct a repair capacity. The simplest is waxing, longer and more effective is the closure of the glaze content. Whatever the method, gave the car wearing an invisible protective coat to prevent paint fade aging, so tolerance is often accompanied by beautiful car around.

Chassis Care

The chassis is the closest parts and ground, particularly affected by the road, usually the easiest part of rust-stained, round shell Department may even loose perforation. Therefore, we must pay attention to the car chassis to do a clean rust treatment chassis rust treatment, rust can keep three months. Care must be careful not to rust-proof finish with alkaline cleaning solution rinse body and chassis, this will affect the rust and shorten time-rust.

Ignition start

Rain, the owner is not easy to start the engine often encounter problems, sometimes even reluctantly start up, but also weakly. This is probably the biggest problems come from the ignition system leakage due to moisture generated. In addition, it may be a cool rainy weather, while sealing in the distributor plate of hot air is likely to condense into water droplets caused by small distribution boards inside the flood, so the loss of the normal ignition function.

Once because of damp caused by the ignition system misfire, engine performance degradation, it is best to use a dry paper towel or dry cloth to distribution boards and wires and other internal and external dry, then spray with a special desiccant desiccant spray cans In the sub-plate covers, battery connector, spark plugs, ignition coil and high-voltage lines, etc., etc. After a while you can start the engine up.

Braking in addition to water

The vast majority of car brake system is a dual hydraulic brake booster vacuum pipe, noteworthy that the braking force of the brake fluid to pass extremely absorbent. If water into the brake fluid in the braking process, the friction generated by the high temperature causes the water to vaporize. The compressible gas is compressed in the brake fluid will cause brake failure and even failure. Rain for a long time, the air humidity increases, if the brake fluid before the rainy season there is a small amount of water, it would be very dangerous. Some of the more serious brake fluid suction vehicles, brake fluid will be able to see the drops of the oil cup lid. So when maintenance must check the brake fluid, in order to ensure the safety of occupants.

Wiper Maintenance

Let the inevitable increase in rain wiper assume more responsibility, because the road and the line of sight is not conducive to driving rain, if not a good brush wiper rain, will give you a great deal of traffic safety hazard, then the wiper is played a very important role, so it should be more careful inspection and maintenance in place.

Qin open air

Moisture in the room, the open air is the best way, even if the weather cool, as long as the set temperature, together with open air and not reduce the heating effect, but can increase the dehumidification function. A case of the weather cleared, the car parked in the sun acceptance sun, four windows open to allow some indoor air convection, hot body was drying quickly exclude internal vapor deposition.

No car, desiccant dehumidification is a good helper instead of air conditioning, air fresheners, there are many benefits, and power, two batteries can be used continuously for a long time, with these two things, no longer afraid of a car door wet and muddy air lunged up.

Sound avoid tide

Rainy season increased humidity, 4 cylinder 3.0 turbocharger CD albums often have a surface layer of fog, dizzy sleepy to read the disk will produce the best scrub once every so often. When you install the CD drive in order to avoid damp, do not install the floor and the seat, preferably mounted on the vehicle body height, but not attached to the rear windscreen, the temperature is too high electronics and laser head accelerated aging. In addition, in order to prevent damp sound, you can also put in the trunk of a small dehumidifier box, safe place to ensure that when the road will not be dumping, from time to time need to open the trunk of view something.

Hopefully the above maintenance measures can help to be plagued by rain owners, so you get a better car maintenance.

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