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CashCrate Review

Dec 23rd 2012 at 2:46 PM


CashCrate Review (Brutal)

Hi everyone, this is my CashCrate Review. I am going to share my experience with you and I am going to give you my honest review of CashCrate.


CashCrate is a paid to do program that will pay all members to complete offers for cash, participate in surveys, watch videos and do task. CashCrate also has an awesome affiliate program where you will get paid 20% of all the money your referrals earn while a member of this program. The program also has different levels in which you can earn more money off of your referrals and you will have the option of weekly paychecks as you move up.


During my CashCrate review, I am going to tell you the bad and the good. I am going to tell you want to expect when using the program and then you can decide if CashCrate is write for you.


The Bad


When I first joined the CashCrate I was excited about making extra money. I got started as soon as I joined the program. I did a search on how to make more money online and found the site. I did get a pay check soon after I joined and they send you a check in the mail. But there are some bad things you need to know about Cashcrate. Many people claim they make a good income using the program and it is possible. But I’m going to let you know you are NOT going to make a lot of money by doing the offers, surveys, task, or the videos and trail offers. I’m not saying it’s impossible because it is, but not by doing the offers.


The only chance you have to make lots of income is by referring others. Let me tell you the exact reason why; because the offers and other ways to earn combined will not pay you a whole lot. There are only so many offers, whether they are free ones, paid or trail offers available for you to do. Sure they add new offers on the site but not often enough for you to make a sizable income. Plus the task don’t pay a lot and you have to qualify to make money off of the surveys because the companies, Cashcrate’s partners, are looking for a certain number of people, a certain kind of person, and they want you to prequalify before they will decide if you can take the survey or not.


I’ve sat at this site sometimes for close to an hour trying to qualify for surveys and still don’t qualify for them. I also answer the prequalification questions, and they are simple ones at that such as how many dimes are in one dollar, and what was the question to the last answer and still I am disqualified. I never understood that, so after a while I gave up and tried some other time.


There is work you have to do in order to make this program work and since this is a CashCrate review I am not going to hold back on my experiences.  Most people will write their CashCrate review and will never tell you everything they experience. They will give you the good and talk about that more than the bad. Sometimes it may be only a few sentences to a small paragraph of the bad just to get people to join through them.


I am going to be honest in my CashCrate review. Yes I am an affiliate of the program but you need to know everything bad I’ve experience so you can make a good decision. With that being said I will continue.


As I said earlier, most people make most of their money by referring other people. But the only bad thing about that is you will have to refer a lot so you can get paid. Think about it like this; if you get five people to sign up, you may only get 2-3 of the people who will actually do offers. Some people are impatient and if they are not getting paid fast enough or qualifying for surveys, they may stop trying to earn money, which means you will not be earning anything. So that’s why I said you have to get a lot of people. I have referrals, but I’m not making a whole lot off of them because I only have a few. Each of one is only earning a few dollars at a time. So keep that in mind when you are referring others.


Plus they also have to complete offers and those offers have to be completed correctly to get the credit. But the good thing is you will get paid an additional $3 dollars once they make their first $10.


Another unpleasant thing about CashCrate is you better make darn sure you have a virus protection on your computer. Some offers, especially the free ones, can cause the computer to run slow. Since I signed up with the program, my computer has become slow with some of the offers. These offers are mostly the ones that want you to sign up to win a prize or download some game. I highly recommend that you stay away from downloading most things, especially the games. I’ve downloaded games to my computer almost a month ago and have not received payment. That is definitely not pleasant to me because I am taking up space on my computer and that’s not cool. You need to also clear your cookies because some companies have multiple offers and you will not be credited if you don’t clear your cookies.


For example, some companies may pay a few cents to sign up to receive their newsletter and the same company may have another offer such as trying their product. If you sign up to both, you risk only getting paid for one if your cookies aren’t clear. So you will have to make sure you clear them because your offers will have a better chance of being credited. The cookies will also slow your computer down.


CashCrate will tell you that you don’t need to have a credit card or debit to make money. While this is true, you should know that most of their offers do require a credit card. This can be because they offer a 7 day free trail then charge you if you don’t cancel and also because they really want you to buy something.


Others who write their CashCrate review will tell you it’s a win-win situation; I going to let you know it isn’t in most cases. If I am only going to get 40 or 50 cents or even a few dollars and have to spend a certain amount, let’s say $29.95 or more, it isn’t a win-win. See the folks making the most money are CashCrate and their partners. You have to follow their commands to make the money or you want get credited. There are even times you will do the offer the way they want you too and you still want get credited. This has happened to me.


Most of the money I’ve made came from trail offer which are offers that I cancel after a certain amount of days. But the catch is if you don’t stay long enough you won’t get credited.


I’ve even enter a few sweepstakes to win an iphone or a gift card to a store and it took me forever to finish it and I still didn’t get the credit. Plus some of them don’t warn you that you have to participate in an additional offer the partner have at the end of the participation to have opportunity to win the iphone or gift card. It is basically like one of those “you’re the 10,000th visitor to this site in your hometown to win such prize, then you click it and you have to do a bunch of other stuff to get the prize and it anit even worth your time. And once you figure out that they require more information after you give your basic info such as your name and email and you decide not to complete offer, you will still receive email from the third party companies and their partners.


I also hate that these types of offers have small buttons to skip an offer. This to me is deceiving on the third parties part. I feel it’s like they want you to sign up instead of skip because their main agenda is to make money off of you.


Also you need to know that some offers will not accept prepaid debit cards. I’ve tried this with a few of the offers and it said it could not accept them, even if you have money on it.


So if you don’t have a credit or debit card, you are limited on what you can do to make money on the site. Plus most of the higher paying offers require a credit or debit card.


Another thing to consider is that fact that you may be apart of another program that is similar to CashCrate. If you are, guess what, you may have already completed offers that they offer on those similar sites. Such sites that are similar include Inbox Dollars, and Cash4Offers. So if you used a credit or debit card or if you are not a first time member, you want be getting any credit from CashCrate.


So before you sign up, consider that using this program will slow your computer down and you will have to restart your computer many times. I have a husband who can work on my computer; most people have to put their computer in the shop if something server happens so keep that in mind. I’m not necessarily saying you will get a virus, I’m just warning you to be careful. What I usually do is check out a company before do an offer then go back to the link on CashCrate and complete it if it is a good company. And they do have decent companies. You just need to stay away from downloading things and stay away from the sweepstakes site. Instead focus on doing surveys, videos, task and cash or trail offers. If you want to receive newsletters then sign up for them but check out the site by doing your own search first.


Also stay away from any offer that wants you to confirm your cell phone number. Usually they will charge your phone and you will receive unwanted text and charges. Look for the skip button or avoid those offers altogether.


The Good


During My CashCrate review I told you about the bad first, but there are some good. Here goes.


You will get paid once a month and the minimum amount is $20. So you don’t have to wait forever to get paid. Once you move up in levels, you can earn more money.


You can also do the daily surveys and have the opportunity to earn almost 50 dollars amount from doing them daily. Though it’s tough to qualify, you can try until you do if you have the patience and earn money doing this.


My advice to you will be to refer others. This is the absolute best ways to earn cash with CashCrate. Give others your honest CashCrate review after you experience for yourself what the site has to offer whether good or bad and share it with others. Get a separate email account strictly for the use of CashCrate if you do decide to sign up so you will not miss important emails from your main email, because if you use your main email it will get very crowded quickly.


Are you still interested? Do you want to learn more about the site? Click on the provided link below. CashCrate Thanks for reading my CashCrate review.


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