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Cash Unite Review

Jul 3rd 2013 at 1:56 PM

cash-unite-logoMy review of the Cash Unite MLM program.  The Cash Unite is still in pre-launch, but the site states that it is offering a MultiSocialSuite that will unify all the major social networking sites (like Facebook, Tweeter, etc.)  into one location (Cash Unite).   The program URL is "". was created on Jan. 27th 2012, is set to expire on Jan. 27th 2016, and is shown as registered by Enom, Inc.  All other information including hosting site, owners name, address, phone number, and email address have been hidden.  The only thing I could find out, as to the owner of Cash Unite, was located on the web site stating the it is owned by a LLC located in the United Kingdom.  True you can now join for free, but remember that  you should not pay any money to a MLM company that is not willing to disclose its company and URL information.

How Does Cash Unite Work? The cost to become a affiliate is $9.99 (Bronze Package) per month which will allow you to use the MultiSocialSuite program.  From what I have read online from other members, Cash Unite is going to also offer some type of viral based blogging system and a Video Chat conferencing system.  It is unknown if these will be part of your $9.99 monthly membership or a added monthly cost.

Since the $9.99 affiliate level is called the Bronze Package, I must assume that there will be additional membership levels costing more money when the program launches (the site states that the launch will be sometime in August 2013). 

The Cash Unite compensation plan is largely unknown as it is not shown on its website.  The only thing I could find out is that it is based on how many paying referrals you have in your down line.   I am guessing that it will be some sort of uni-level matrix comp plan, but I have no way to know for sure.  I have noticed that the "potential earnings calculator”, located on their sign up page, will only calculate a "projected" monthly income with 10 or more paying referrals. 

My Option.... Why would a program have a "potential earnings calculator”, on their sign up page, not disclose its compensation plan?  If they have a "potential earnings calculator”, then the program owners already know how they are expecting to pay out commissions to its paying affiliates.  So why aren't they sharing it with their members?

I can only guess that most affiliate commissions will be paid out of affiliate monthly membership dues, which raises a RED FLAG that this could be a pyramid scheme type program.  Supporting my belief of this, is the marketing copy from other Cash Unite members stating that their back offices are showing a My Network potential earnings amount, with the following note "This refers to the amount you’ve accumulated so far in potential earnings from the entirety of your network. This is based on the Bronze level package at $9.99.  Your earnings would increase significantly with other packages we have available for launch. This also does not include the 100% commissions we pay you.  This is just one revenue stream of MANY with Cash Unite.  Get Ready!"

True these are “potential earnings”, but if these earnings are totally based on how much a member pays each month in membership fees, then it does not really matter what software or programs the company offers.  Another possible RED FLAG is that their is no mention of the possibility of non-affiliate customers (real customers) for the viral based blogging system or Video Chat conferencing feature.  Will people be able to purchase just these items without becoming an affiliate?

The mention of "100% commissions" is also a statement that is used by several other new MLM programs with comp plans that look a lot like cash gifting (usually attached to the free WordPress blogging software), but without seeing the comp plan nobody knows if this is the case, except the program owners.

Now with that said, the Cash Unite website does also state that "advertising" will also be generating income for the program.  But without knowing the details of this advertising income it is impossible for me to know if this is going to be a good source of additional income or just another poor affiliate based advertising system, that only generates income directly from affiliate purchases.

And my last RED FLAG is the Cash Unite privacy policy that states "We use Personal Information to contact you about our Site, Social Media Tools, and other related products and services in which we think you may be interested in."  This sounds like Cash Unite could be planning on "selling" its members (both free sign ups and paying affiliates) personal information to other marketers.  Maybe this is the advertising revenue that the Cash Unite site is talking about?

Because of the lack of information about its compensation plan, I cannot advise you to join or not to join this MLM program.  But I do know that I am not going to join (if I decide to join at all) until after it is launched, mainly because of their privacy policy.  The last thing I need is more "junk" email, "junk" postage mail, and "soliciting" phone calls in my life, especially from a MLM program that I might not even upgrade in.

Just My Option,
Philip Reitcheck

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