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Cash Is NOT Money? The True Money Is Gold.....

Aug 8th 2010 at 9:11 AM

I'm not convinced that most people really know the magnitude of just how "bad" this economy really is.  This is not one of those doom and gloom  messages that you often see.  I'm creating an alternative to this down economy by offering every man and woman in creating their own economy.

The value of the dollar has fallen drastically by over 95% in the past 100 years.  In so doing, we all can't purchase the same amount of goods today then we did 100 years ago.  We all know the reason for this is because the dollar is not backed by a gold standard. The government just prints as much dollars as needed which causes hyper inflation.   All fiat currencies (not backed by gold) in history have collapsed and the dollar is NOT immune to this from occurring.  Reality will set in for most Americans and it's my mission to educate people about the importance of transferring a portion of their cash (experts agree 10-20%) into assets such as gold and silver.

It doesn't matter if you have a 401k plan, retirement pension, Social Security or investments because if the value of the dollar is so minimal you won't have any purchasing power.  However, with gold the value does remain constant and is a hedge against the declining dollar. Of course with gold, most people can't purchase very much because most companies don't issue smaller than 1 oz denominations.  So it's far too expensive to buy gold for the average income earner.

I have recently found a company that does issue lower denominations of gold (.5 grams) in a form of a Gold Savings Account, which is absolutely f.ree to open.  No monthly fees whatsoever!  The company also pays its associates for educating other people in opening gold savings accounts.   Do your due diligence on this company and I'm sure you'll come to the conclusion that this is what you've been looking for all of your life.  If you truly desire to have a soft place to land and finally call home then this is your wake up call!

My team, if you decide to join us, will have automated systems to help with your marketing efforts.  We have a great Team Build and we help everyone.  I'm sure you've heard the cliche before, "No man or woman left behind", but we really mean that from the bottom of our hearts.  We know how big this effort is going to be and we will NOT stop until all are successful!

Have a blessed day and for your NEW life go here and check it out:


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