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Cash Gifting VS MLM Super Juices

Nov 17th 2010 at 9:06 AM

Hello Friends,

People always ask me why I am such a fan of cash gifting and why won't you join my MLM Super Juice program? I'll tell you why.

The first affiliate program I was ever in was SFI which used to stand for Six Figure Income. Since so many people failed they decided that the name Six Figure Income was a little misleading and changed it to Strong Future International or something like that. They had a "flagship" product called Veriuni and it was what I call a MLM Super Juice, liquid vitamin, you get the idea. To make commissions you had to commit to an autoship of at least $29.95 a month. First off I never understood that. I have to pay a company to qualify to make a commission on their products and I am doing ALL the Marketing? Sounds totally unfair to me. Anyway, they tagged on $9.95 for shipping and handling which brought my monthly bill to $40 roughly. After doing some research I found exactly what I suspected all along. The $9.95 covered ALL the cost and the company was tacking on $30 profit to pay the commissions! I also learned that the company selling the liquid vitamins had a product which was identical to Veriuni called Liquid Logic for $10. They were also manufacturing the Veriuni brand for SFI! Their website is Reach For Life. If you decide to order mention Brad Kamanski as your referral and I get 10% off my order! Thank you!

As you can imagine I closed my MLM account with SFI and this put a real sour taste in my mouth about MLM'S in general and since then I have only tried a couple others. I just cannot EVER erase the stigma attached to that kind of markup, payplan, and price gouging! Not to mention the downline attrition!

Which brings me to the point as to why I love cash gifting over EVERY Internet program I have ever been involved in. Especially The People's Program cash gifting! First off, cash gifting is very affordable. Second. You will NEVER get tired of seeing the Happy Truck show up with overnight envelopes stuffed with $100 bills! Third. It is tax free money because it is a gift. And the way the politicians are stealing from us having tax free income is a welcome relief! I could go on and on about why I am such a fan of cash gifting but I think you get the point. I LOVE CASH GIFTING!!!

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Have a great week!

Brad Kamanski

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