Cash Gifting Programs - The Misconceptions and The REAL Truth

Nov 22nd 2010 at 12:04 AM

Cash gifting programs have been lingering around the internet and direct mailings for quite some time now. Cash gifting may be new to some, while many others have seen and heard it all before. I've certainly have had quite a few different programs reach out to me in the form of post cards in the mail, and voice messages on my answering machine. Just for fun, I called one of the numbers back just to see what the program was all about and I couldn't get too much information from her at all. She kept hesitating and stuttering over her answers as if she didn't know what she was talking about, she kept trying to direct me to their pre-recorded calls and told me that I would receive the answers to my questions there. Seeing that the conversation was going nowhere fast I asked for a website that I could look at in the mean time and she hesitated before finally giving it to me. I checked it out and sure enough it was a cash gifting program; it had a cheap looking replicated website inviting people to join their program. I am going to put it like this and I want people to really think about it really hard and examine the evidence............... cash gifting is a SCAM.

Cash gifting is not a way to creating an endless stream of passive income by a long shot because one day it will all collapse. You will have to constantly be recruiting poor suckers into your trap day in and day out just to get some money because when the recruiting stops the money stops. If you have to constantly recruit without any product reaching the end consumer, then it is a scam period. Many "gifting" programs disguise themselves as a multi-level marketing company because of the certain number of levels they have within the "company" but its all for show. They seek out uneducated opportunity seekers from any and everywhere they can find them as long as they have some money to "gift" or "pledge" them. Now I know some people are getting on the defensive, shouting to the top of their lungs that I don't know what I'm talking about and blah blah blah but deep down somewhere you know I am telling the truth. Many people are on their computer right now looking for a way to make money whether online or off, they don't care as long as some money is coming into their household, and that is where the scammers come and feed them a bunch of lies.

I've seen a particular cash gifting program where they say they are completely legitimate and that you could make a career out of their income opportunity and create wealth like the rich do. I want you to really pay attention to the rest of this paragraph (It will really make you think I promise). This company does not offer a product whatsoever and yet they think they're legal because people are giving pledges of $3500.00 just to join and make money. They compare themselves to costco and sams club stating that you have to pay to shop there (which is true BUT), you can go home with groceries, electronics, and office supplies from those warehouses but what are you getting from the cash gifting program? NOTHING. You will never see a return on your 3500.00 bucks, because who are you really going to find that has that much money to just GIVE to someone they DON'T EVEN KNOW! (I'm sorry but I really had to emphasize that). I read on a blog that some poor soul was suckered into this program by his "leader" and coughed up the money thinking that he was going to receive fresh leads that would bring him the same in return. What happened? his "mentor" left him to hang and dry and fend for himself, what does he care? he's $3500.00 richer and could care less about him. The poor guy was going to commit suicide because that was his mortgage payment he gambled with believing that he would bring in residual income instead of falling for an upside down pyramid scheme.

Sponsoring people into those programs is a waste because duplication will not last long, it is not turnkey and in a way is like a matrix system. They always want you to take action now so you can begin receiving your "gifts" as soon as possible. I want to give two examples of two different people accepting their gifts or pledges in the mail and nothing short of showing it off, but before I do that I want to say that this activity is ILLEGAL because you are SOLICITATING those gifts. In this case you will see a guy waiting outside for his package like a junkie waiting for a fix; he goes inside and counts the money from all the poor souls who fell for his trap click here. This guy even has the nerve to put his phone number up and says that he'll personally mentor you (yeah right) click here. It's a shame that fedex and UPS are handling the packages and they don't know that it contains hundreds or even thousands of dollars hidden in magazines and books to cover up the activity. Oh and another thing......... if people are sending you their "gifts" of cash in the mail, why do people have to SIGN this long waiver form stating that its a gift? why should people sign their life away? hmmmmm that should give people something to think about.

It all boils down to common sense, sometimes I think that a lot of people don't have it because any opportunity urging you to send them CASH is a big no no. People can say what they want about MLM but I'll tell you one thing, real home based businesses have products and clients, if clients constantly buy from you and recommend your products to others, you will create residual income. Instead of scamming people out of their house and home staring at the window like a watchdog, find a company with products you enjoy and share them with others and create real income from home. I bet your wondering where I got all this knowledge from, I can share the training I receive with you if you want the help just download this FREE ebook here.


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Feb 21st 2011 at 7:33 PM by wyndelldorsey
You are so dead on about cash gifting. I want everyone I know to read this article. I started my online ventures with cash gifting and lost about $3500 :(. Good thing it was tax time. Very good Article
Dec 29th 2010 at 7:37 PM by roosevans
Girl, you didn't pull no punches did you? LOL! Great article. I do believe there there are some cash gifting programs that are not scams though most of them are scams. At least one open and transparent cash gifting program should be in every online marketers portfolio, in my opinion.
Nov 24th 2010 at 1:46 PM by gerardoantonio
thanks..that is a scam..visit my social network free.everything free. whay..i learn from people and i am a writer,
Nov 22nd 2010 at 8:35 AM by TerriLPattioMLMmento
You are absolutely right, cash gifting is a scam. It's not a gift if you solicit it, unless you are a registered charity and report donations. It's a sure way to go to jail.

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