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Cars are new cars a year to see how health care

Dec 9th 2015 at 9:29 PM


Health, called "regimen", "Baosheng", billet crankshaft "Dawson" refers to a variety of ways to enhance physical fitness, disease prevention methods in order to achieve longevity. People will try every means to prolong life, the same owners and friends also want their car can not "sick", has been for their own services. Car care experts said, the average car in use after more than seven years, will have problems to understand "good health" Some of the vehicles can make car, "longevity."
Year "new period" to lay the foundation with caution
"Neonatal" car basic no problem, but because the vehicle is in run-in period, so use it with caution. Run-in period is usually about 5000 kilometers, the vehicle run-in period not speeding, overloading, this can extend the life of the vehicle, lay the foundation for future use.
Three years, "adolescence" do not stay hidden long to pay more care to "adolescence", the body will change the child, but also increase the number of "little temper," car as well. Three years of age of the vehicle when the car is the best performance, but there may be some of the wear and tear of wearing parts, small problems began to increase. Turbocharger Such as brakes, three filter (air filter, oil filter, filter) and so we need regular checks. Many owners believe that a vehicle opened for two years, is very familiar with the vehicle, the new car will not be treated as a special care, speeding, overloading become commonplace, some small problems do not go to repair, in fact, the most likely to do so in future vehicles leaving risks. Please also pay more attention to owners of friends, do not lose the greater.
Five years "middle age" reduce examination time fault in the use of the vehicle about five years, entered the "middle age", this time the engines, transmissions and other components may be starting to have problems, then we must be willing to pay owners of friends The rule of the "disease" was completely cure. In general, the family car at this time opened a 100,000 km or so, although the quality of the car is very reliable, but after all, time is getting, not to mention cars, such as rubber parts and paint begin to age, the engine began to commit "disease "At this time the need for frequent car to a professional repair shop to a comprehensive" health check "to reduce the probability of failure. Experts advise owners of friends, tires, circuit, timing belt, engine rubber parts, clutch, brake systems, steering systems require special attention, which tire is best not to over 100,000 kilometers, even if the tire is not broke; in this case, vehicle circuit system is the most prone to failure, such as a short circuit, it is recommended at this time the owners should not arbitrarily install high-power stereo and other electrical equipment to prevent overloading of circuits, induced fire.
After seven years of "old age in" a timely manner to avoid trouble after six or seven years, the car's fault began to multiply, automobiles use all aspects of performance at this stage have been watered down, turbocharger uk some cars even needs an overhaul, and after overhaul sure vehicle No original performance, then the owner will need to consider the car for you for many years to dispose of the car in time, so as not to add to the troubles always maintenance.

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