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Car knowledge: TDI direct injection diesel engine Detailed

Nov 24th 2014 at 7:38 PM


Diesel and gasoline are extracts oil, and are used in automotive internal combustion engine, but it has a great characteristic difference between them. Gasoline is a highly flammable oil, a small spark can ignite the gasoline in a vat. Ford Crankshaft The diesel is not, even to the point of open flame, in the absence of firelighters, diesel itself and will not be ignited. This is the difference between the two angry.
This is also based on ignition characteristics of diesel, making diesel fuel than gasoline in terms of antiknock has a great advantage. If you paid attention to the diesel engine and gasoline engine compression ratio of the people should have the impression, usually diesel engine compression ratio than gasoline engines more than twice as high, is due to diesel fuel antiknock good. The obvious benefit of a high compression ratio, which lets burn more fully. Progress which has a gasoline engine is gradually increased compression ratio, which also makes the anti-knock gasoline is increasing, 98 high gasoline prices have described the high cost of high antiknock gasoline. Even so, ordinary combustion gasoline engine has very good compression ratio of 11 or more, while the diesel engine can often figure over 20. This is undoubtedly conducive to full combustion, diesel engines generally more fuel efficient than gasoline engines are the main reason for this.

Diesel combustion speed slower than gasoline, diesel fuel mixture which makes the ignition slower than gasoline mixture, slow response of conventional diesel engines, also because the properties of the resulting diesel fuel. Another volatile diesel fuel is also slower than gasoline, so it can not be as negative pressure through the intake air sucked into the mix like a gasoline engine, but rather within the high-pressure pump to be atomized by diesel cylinder pressure on people to fully air mixing.
All of these differences in the characteristics of diesel and gasoline, resulting in the overall design of the diesel engine and gasoline engine is completely different, their performance characteristics also has a big difference. Conventional diesel engine torque is large, the reliability is very high, 320 Coilovers but power is small, the response is poor, difficult ignition temperature, pollution, etc., and their vibration noise, it is often only by some truck using a small number of hardcore off-road car diesel engine will use this, but pay attention to the comfort of the car or road SUV, in the past few diesel engine versions.
This gives the impression of a traditional diesel engine because the technical characteristics of the decision. As previously mentioned, the volatile diesel fuel is poor, not by passive inhalation intake negative pressure cylinder diesel engine and therefore must rely on the fuel pump into the pump cylinder. All diesel engines using high compression ratio design, and therefore the energy requirement for the pump is also very high. In previous civilian vehicle diesel engines, diesel engines are almost all using mechanical pump spray, which is divided into two parts, the master cylinder and the slave cylinder is also aimed to obtain sufficient oil pressure pump. Such mechanical reciprocating piston pump is driven by a cam, the cam is derived from the energy of the crankshaft. There will be a fuel injector for each cylinder, each injector must also match a pump, which makes a lot of the number of pumps the whole engine. This mechanical oil pressure pump is not only limited, but they are purely mechanical, and when the role of the reciprocating cam happen, 323 Coilovers will have a huge noise, which is one of the big reasons for the conventional diesel engine noise.

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