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Cancer Treatment With Naturopathy

Oct 14th 2015 at 11:01 AM

Cancer is no longer a sure and certain death sentence. Many of the most effective treatments for advanced cancer or even cancers that are detected very early are debilitating both physically and emotionally. Many cancer specialists do not use the full range of medical knowledge that is available to treat cancer and relieve the suffering that the disease and treatment of the disease often produce.

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We actively participate in the practice of cancer treatment with naturopathy at Kuerbecause our study and research have shown us the benefits that naturopathy has for our patients that have cancer. We have incorporated a complete range of naturopathy into our integrative medicine program because we feel that these therapies and practices bring the best cancer care to our patients.

We use clinically proven methods of diet and nutrition, acupuncture, massage, plant medicine, and homeopathy to treat cancer in as complete and thorough a method as possible. We provide these therapies along with and in addition to the most effective radiological and chemical treatments for cancer.

Good nutrition and diet are fundamental to a healthy and vigorous life. Some foods can aggravate the symptoms of cancer and some can intensify the side effects of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. We use a diet that is proven to improve your immune system so that your body is more chemically attuned to fight cancer on its own. We use supplements that prevent the side effects of treatment from causing you added discomfort.

Many cancers cause physical pain in localized areas of the body. Acupuncture and massage can relieve the pain that cancer causes and help alleviate pain that is associated with cancer treatments. The physical movement of muscles helps your body remove the naturally produced chemicals that cause pain. Acupuncture can target a specific part of your body or your entire body so you feel less pain.

Miraculous strides have been made in the treatment of cancer by using plants that ancient civilizations used to treat cancer. The Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese, Maya, and Incas have become a wealth of medical information that is just now beginning to be explored and verified by modern science. Researchers in Cuba have recently announced a cure for skin cancer based on a plant. This is a cure not a treatment.

We use proven plant remedies to help reduce the nausea that often accompanies cancer treatment. We also make use of plants and plant extracts that boost the immune system and relieve symptoms. These are proven techniques that we have seen improve the lives of people fighting cancer.

The use of very minuscule amounts of minerals and plants that are dangerous in large quantities is the essence of homeopathy. Many minerals and plants that could kill you in large doses have been found to produce elevated immune responses that help your body fight cancer. The techniques and products used by ancient physicians have become relevant in modern cancer treatment as science has proven the efficacy of the methods.

We also have a world class hydrotherapy facility. Hydrotherapy is a relaxing way to exercise. Cancer and cancer treatment can rob you of your strength and we use hydrotherapy as a way to keep your body as fit as possible while you are undergoing cancer treatment.

We also realize that cancer can be emotionally devastating. We provide a full range of counselling and psychiatric treatments for the depression and anxiety that often accompanies a diagnosis of cancer and the treatment of cancer.

KUER Medical is dedicated to using every available method of cancer treatment that will cure your cancer and alleviate the pain that often accompanies cancer treatment. Cancer treatment with naturopathy is just one of the tools in the arsenal of our highly certified cancer treatment experts.

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