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Can We Really Get Paid for the Water-Cooler Conversations?

Sep 12th 2010 at 8:39 PM

Ever the butt of workplace humor and the bane of productivity, the 'water cooler' conversations that frequently occur in the workplace - or, at least the internet equivalent thereof - may now actually be the very thing that earns you that paycheck.

When you work a 9-5 job, your day probably goes something like this...

  • You drag yourself out of bed.
  • You sleepwalk through your morning routine.
  • You drive/commute/carpool to work.
  • You punch the clock - always wishing you could literally punch it.
  • You sit at your desk and begin/resume your projects.
  • You take a 'water cooler' break a couple of hours later - this is probably the first point of the day when you are truly awake.  You chat with co-workers, share pictures of your family/vacation/weekend, you gossip about your other co-workers or sling mud at your boss.
  • You return to your desk and trudge through your work until lunchtime.
  • You take your lunch break - again socializing with co-workers, griping about your job, etc.
  • You head back to your desk...

Well, you get the idea...

With each break you take, each conversation that you participate in, each and every distraction from your work, your boss frets about lost productivity.  "You aren't paid to socialize!" or "Our clients don't care about your vacation pictures!  Get back to work!"

Sound familiar?

How about a 'job' where you actually do get paid for sharing your pictures with others?  Or you get paid to chat with friends?  Or, better still, your co-workers really are your friends?  Well, with SideTick, you can have that 'job!'

SideTick is a relatively new social network - similar to facebook but without all of the apps (so far) - that pays you for your actions.  Here is a chart from SideTick that explains how you can earn 'tickbucks' (points):

2,000 points equals $1.00, so you earn $1.00 just for signing up and 'hiring' each of your friends.  Further, your earn $1.00 for every 4 friends your friends 'hire.'  Here comes the fun part, though...  You are also able to earn money for sharing content - pictures, articles, music, etc. - and for viewing content already on the site!  Even better?  Your friends will also earn when you look at their content.

For example, my friend Don 'hired' me.  Both he and I earned $1.00 when I joined SideTick on his recommendation.  If Don has any pictures or blog entries on SideTick, I can look at/read his stuff and we will both earn a point or each item I look at.  SImilarly, he can look at the pictures/read the blog entries that I post and we both earn a point for each one.  What's more, you can do this every day.

Have you ever had a co-worker, friend, or family member that told you the same story or showed you the same pictures every time he saw you?  Even if you have heard/seen it all before?  Wouldn't that be a lot more bearable if you got paid for it each time?  SideTick does that!  It doesn't matter if you looked at that picture album yesterday, they will still pay you for looking at it again today - and tomorrow.

SideTick also sends you a message every day to your inbox (unless you choose to opt out of this bonus).  The message will essentially be an advertisement and a reminder.  The ad will be for a money earning opportunity and the reminder will be for you to comment on Jenny's (one of the admins) blog.  Just for opening the message and commenting on the blog, you will be rewarded with 1,000 tickbucks.  If you do nothing other than these two steps daily, you will earn 7,000 tickbucks per week.  This takes less than 1 minute per day to earn $3.50 per week.

How much more could you earn if you actually spent 1 hour per day clicking on pics, blogs, etc.?

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