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Can Stem Cell Therapy Help with Brain Injuries?

Feb 14th 2020 at 1:37 AM

Stem cells can be found in various parts of the human body. Some of them are brain, muscle, skin, and bone marrow. They are highly crucial and can remain undifferentiated for a long time. These cells possess the capability to be developed into cells that have specific functions. Therefore, whenever a need to regenerate tissues arise, these cells can be used. Stem cells are active in the body but in the brain, other cellular factors have more a role.

Stem cells are not yet explored completely but they are still extensively used in restorative treatments. There are clinics providing Stem cell therapy to treat traumatic brain injury (TBI). Here are the different types of brain injuries which can be treated with the use of this therapy:

Concussions: It is one of the most common brain traumatic injuries which is often defined as a head injury with Trans lent brain function disturbance. It involves altered mental status, loss of consciousness, etc.

Penetration injury: This injury occurs when something enters the skull. Objects like bullets, shrapnel, and many other particles can cause penetration injury.

Contusions: Sometimes hard blows to the head can cause bleeding which results in this kind of injury. Brain injury treatment can show some positive results.

Diffuse Axonal Injury: Rapid acceleration or deceleration that occurs with the traumatic shearing forces can cause brain injury. Some of these forces are shaken baby syndrome, motor vehicle accidents, etc.

During the injuries explained above, the blood supply can’tflow to areas that are critical for the brain. This can gradually lead to brain cell death. When these cells die, it is difficult to regenerate or replace them. This, in turn, hampers the control of body parts for which they are responsible. These parts of the body can then become disabled.

Doctors expect to see positive results in such situations by using stem cell therapy. The wound healing ability of these cells may resolve such issues. Stem cells are delivered to specific regions of the brain.

Stem cell therapy can be executed by using the patient’s own cells. Similar diseases like heart attack recovery etc. can also be treated with stem cell therapy. Therapists have started giving more importance to this approach to be used successfully to treat brain injury.

Cerebral palsy treatment can be treated at professional clinics. Make sure to choose a reputed place for stem cell therapy to ensure safe and beneficial results.

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