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Can (Personal) Ambition & "Teamwork" Really Mesh in The IM Space?

Aug 29th 2010 at 10:39 PM

Most of my time online I hyperventilate over the Tom Peters mantra and legacy for online soldiers of fortune which can be summed up in two words: Personal Branding (PB).  Does "PBing"= morphing your persona into an Enterprise mentality homogenizing your core values, beliefs and attitudes  into a facsimile of an Internet Marketing McDonalds?

While I am not suggesting that great gurus like Frank Kern Jarom Adair, Eben Pagan, Chris Cobb or heaven forbid, Michael Cheney or even Chris Farrell are homogenized it does seem that most people who make it into the bigs in im marketing spend an awful lot of time making videos of themselves to amp up their PB.

To compete I am sure I am going to have to do the same so dutifully I went out and bought the camera and the tripod but not the halogen lights-yet. And I signed up for Kevin Riley's Video Master Course (which is very good btw). Yesterday some one was touting a new social media strategy that involves putting up 100 short (2 minute vids on You Tube) .......all I can say is Yikes!

Is IM Teaming Dreaming?

So my main question is this: Is it possible to build a Big Bank in IM of say USD 500,000 without have to do the Personal Branding Rag? Is it possible to fly under the radar in a team approach that actually works fairly for minasan (everyone) but still brings home the corn beef?

Looking into the psychology of it all one obvious hurdle to working effectively in a team is the old I versus WE decision.  On the one paw, if it were obvious that I could reach the USD 500,000 summit x times faster by teaming that would be a compelling reason to join one wouldn't it? 

Consider the Beatles. They were a group before Paul McCartney went solo. Would it not make sense for newbie im marketers to team to enjoy advantages of scale of effort from the get go?  I don't know the full answer but I am willing to hedge my bets.

That's why I joined this site:http://bit.ly/halsteambuildingproject. on the theory of nothing ventured nothing gained.

Even though I am on the PB highway with everyone else in the Internet Marketing Niche I would be happy to pullover  to a Ho Joe's  (Howard Johnson's- ah me do they still have them in the U.S.?) Money Ice Cream Sunday (TM)   made by Team building without the artificial cherry. 

Ok, that's it for now check out my bitly link if it suits your taste.

Lastly, whether or not we can agree that teams have a place in successful internet marketing I hope you will find this post from Ben's Blog 

http://bhorowitz.com/2010/08/29/the-right-kind-of-ambition-2/   worth your time as I really like his concept of "me" prism versus "team" prism

Best wishes to all for sustainable online success,

HAL GG a.k.a. Cashstack










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