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I want to rich, filthy rich so that I can help many poor and less fortunate children and people.I admire Mr. Bill Gates & Warren Buffet, They not only helps poor but they asked others rich people to help too. Hope and Pray we can make this world better place for live the life everyone dream to be.
Rammesh Perumal | Rammesh
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Can Anyone Make Money Online?

Oct 26th 2010 at 10:55 PM

The answer is a big ? NO!? Not everyone make money online. Maybe you already know that only 3% marketers making good living on the online money. The rest of 97% marketers are merely contribute to the 3% online wealthy people :) .  Every a single marketer, celebrate for making $10K there are hundreds to thousands of people shedding tears for failure in online business

So, can you really make money online?

Absolutely YES! Then There is A big “BUT”

First of all, you need to understand how this business really works. The right mindset, skills and persistence are crucial elements to your success.

Maybe you have come across with numerous business opportunities. First thing runs on your mind is looking for information, seeking high and low on search engines. I hope you haven’t bite a con artist’s promises.

The fact is you can profit significantly and, yes, even quickly once you have build skill & knowledge the right way to do online business


Please. welcome to my blog to continue reading : Can anyone make money online.

Thank you & have a great day.

Rammesh Perumal

One Dollar Corner Com

Please to comment
Oct 27th 2010 at 3:22 AM by Rammesh
Thank you Guppydas, I agree with you about the term " Auto Pilot" :) Greedy "Gurus" good at creating the hypes & mostly newbies are the victims. Hope we can help some of them .....
Oct 26th 2010 at 11:32 PM by guppydas
I 100% agree with you Ramesh. People need to see the reality. It is ijust impossible to believe that all can end up earning thousands of not million on so called 'Auto Pilot'. It is fundamentally wrong to expect money for doing nothing. Good one Ramesh. I will follow the blog too. Thank you for sharing.

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