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Can a Paid To Click (ptc) Program Make Me Rich?

Dec 27th 2010 at 9:15 PM


I have that question from some of my friend when I offering a ptc program. No, no, no my friend, of course not..! You can not be rich with a ptc program. It’s hard to believe how could you make a big money with only your one click per day. Please, understand, this is not a fast money maker program. Let’s progress our mind to see this program as a business. As a business, indeed we need more energy and big efforts to reach the top.


The value of your click is soooo little. What can you say? It is about 0.005 up to 0.01 dollar per click, right? Then, let’s calculate your benefit.


In this calculation assume you act as single player and have a lower payment of 0.005 dollar per click. Let’s see what you will get.


Your click in a single day = 1 x $0.005 = $0.005

In a month = $0.005 x 30 = $ 0.15

In a year = $0.15 x 12 = $1.8

I can’t buy a cup of coffee in a day..!


So, why people like me offering you a program like this. Here is the strategy in this business. See, in the first I write you can’t be rich with a ptc program. Yes, this is true.. you can not make a good earning if you registered with only one program and act as single player. You can see my calculation above. You can’t get big money without friends. You need more friends to help you make a good earning.


Now, let us make advance calculation if only you join with 10 programs and have 100 people as your downline and everybody click 1 link ads.


Your click in a single day = 1 x $0.005 = $0.005

Your referal click in a single day = 1 x 100 x $0.005 = $0.5

sub total= $0.505


10 Programs you join = 10 x $0.505 = $5.05

Your earning in a month = 30 x $5.05 = $151.5

Now, I see a good earning..!


When you collect more active referal, indeed you can make a big benefit from program like this. Some programs offering a good payment, about $0.01 like onbux, neobux, etc. But beware..! I suggest you not to join a ptc programs that offering you more than $0.01 per click. Ussually it’s just a scammer and won’t pay you a dime..!

Now..! It's up to you. It's a business. You make the decision.

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Dwi Agus Sugiharto


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