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Oct 2nd 2015 at 4:26 AM


Going through the internet, classified advertisements, and store booklets for the right kind of jewelry is not how jewelry is suppose to be sold. Feeling it in on your skin and getting to see your face light up with the agleam luminosity of glistening diamonds, gold, gems, or sterling silver is the only way to go. Dayton Ohio has more than enough round about store that will try and get you in something that they want to sell you, not something that you want to buy. Who want's to spend a lot of money on something that you want to put in a drawer because you don't want to wear it anymore. That all ends when you visit EDC.

EDC is Elizabeth Diamond Company and the location in Dayton is a key place because its where you can go inside and get treated like a absolute queen or king. All you see when you get to this store is a brilliance that only a eloquent style of sophistication can inspire. Once inside you are awaken by the gleaming and glistening rows of glass and the jewels that are beneath it. They go above and beyond the call of a jewelry store by helping you with every single aspect of the buying jewelry experience. Its almost an investment that you are making and would you buy a house without talking to a reputable real estate agent or inspector? Absolutely not and you shouldn't give any less attention to buying jewelry of any kind that you plan on having for a while, if not a lifetime. The care they give to making the actual jewelry or fixing something that means a lot to you is all that you want to be trusted with something that means so much to you or the one that your buying it for.

There are a lot of places to go for jewelry sales in Dayton Ohio but they cater to different things for different people. The mall is a place to start and they can give you a fast and meaningless experience but you will get your overpriced jewelry. Not to mention the fact that they stalk you as your looking at different things just trying to contemplate the fact that you saw the same necklace two stores over for $200 less than this store is selling it for. They also send your jewelry out by shipping it to God knows where. Don’t worry about that if you go to EDC they will do the work right there and you wont have to sweat bullets over not knowing who or where your precious jewelry at. They have been at their business establishment since 2001 and they are just getting better every year. If you want to be treated like royalty and find something that will make all your friends go green with envy and that will be asking where they can get something that makes them countenance beauty too.

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