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Buy Gamma Blue 11s 2013 Sale

Dec 18th 2013 at 3:56 AM
Gamma Blue 11s 2013Gamma Blue 11s 2013

We first look at a group of data released on, sellers around 7000000, 2640000 the seller in the "shuangshier" implementation of the transaction, a total of 2110000 sellers to participate in the Taobao "shuangshier" activity this year, accounted for more than 30% of whole seller. Through the mobile phone Taobao client clinch a deal for 1450000 sellers Gamma Blue 11s 2013, the total turnover of 55% of the seller. A large number of people can not help but think of the retail industry will be the business of the world, but their more from wired to wireless development trend.

From the preparatory time span, from November 15 to December 10th 18:00 pm the seller for the end, which lasted more than 20 days. The promotion time is early since December 9th "Seckill" activities, and all kinds of discount activities continued until December 12th 24. Gamma Blue 11s For Sale After a few days in the heat under the continuation of various time snapped and the whole point of Seckill. Amoy friends also early to prepare all kinds of cheering, many of them take off while Seckill, stay up and wait for the Seckill.....I also actively participated in the camp Seckill, a lot of harvest, an endless enjoyment. Seconds to all kinds of clothes pants shoes a total of 20 pieces, can return fully loaded, the music is like a fisherman caught a fish basket of fish, beaming.

Then, the seller point delivery day, buy baby after the express the mood is estimated that many people understand, wait a few days finally express knocking at the door. At the same time, I also play a voice, even all the sellers for various reasons that system error, setup error, no goods Gammas 11s 2013 and other reasons as an excuse to refuse the shipment. The more the seller shipped list several days has not from the start. Receipt of goods is uneven, some good and some bad. Surprised people. Instead of joy to the unhappy mood. Hence the phone Taobao customer service to denounce a view, a few phone down customer service means can not be forced to sell the home to deliver goods, there can be only the buyer to apply for a refund to the complaint, Common sense back and law rules.

No delivery and false delivery are also out of the principle of good faith. lose credibility behavior so low cost penalty equates to a recognized and indulge in this, biased. Then the legal concept analysis, no goods are on sale is not false advertising is what? In addition, from the commodity linked to Seckill successful formation of contract to the buyer to complete the payment obligations, then the seller must fulfill delivery obligations. Sell Gamma Blue 11s orders not delivery can be regarded as the default on the illegal sales contracts, to compensate the buyers have to bear the losses.

This how the loss can be defined as paid 5%? Seckill snap is a special promotion way is consumers to speed reaction as the competition method so that it can buy the Seckill goods at below market price case. The seller does not deliver the unilateral breach of contract caused buyers can not buy low this product loss, the seller should compensate the loss given default for this article, the market price and the price difference of Seckill grab take home. The 5% rule visible Buy Gamma Blue 11s is ahead contract law rules, the rules is invalid. Then the invalid rules to bring what kind of consequence, the second 20 goods not shipped in 7 parts, the default rate as high as 35%.


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