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Dec 14th 2012 at 2:24 AM

Winter arrived, beautiful and warm snow boots became young women's favorite. Although snow boots like high-heeled shoes have so high heels, but wear it drive also may not be safe. The car is in case of emergencies, the pilot first response was to let off the gas on the brakes, but snow boots relatively bulky, easy card in the brake pedal, not on the brakes, and cause traffic accidents.- ZhangHongFei reporterExtension interviewIn fact, is not only snow boots, winter arrived, there are still many love beautiful women wearing high-heeled shoes, wedge heel driving his car, and some outdoor sports lovers, wearing hiking shoes and drive. Little imagine, this kind of shoes will bring the safety hidden trouble.
Women drivers for a pair of suitable for the best driving shoes-Luoyang public security bureau traffic detachment accident brigade deputy brigade long-range kingdom strong said, drivers to wear shoes are related to traffic safety is one of the important factors, very warm snow boots, look very beautiful high-heeled shoes, wedge heel, wearing comfortable hiking shoes are not suitable for wearing drive. shoes nets have publish such a report, shandong province was originally a women wearing high heels drivers drive, in the intersection traffic cool grey 9slights to convert an instant, actually his shot into the bottom of the brake pedal, there was a car tracing cauda accidents.
ChengGuoJiang said, experienced driver know when driving, the "foot feeling" is very important, and "the foot feels" and drivers to wear shoes have a close relationship. Because, the foot feeling directly from the sole thickness, and the sensitivity of the feet.
"Snow shoes, mountaineering shoes is relatively heavy, to a certain extent, reduce the sensitivity of the foot, the pilot is difficult to grasp the braking time, in fact, heavy boots (shoes) head easily still stuck accelerator pedal, lead to danger happening. And high-heeled shoes, wedge heel is because of high heel and raise the foot fulcrum, virtually increased efforts on brake pedal Angle and, in some cases, the driver even need to lift heel, tiptoe malicious pedal, to reach the normal braking effect." ChengGuoJiang explained that, in this case, the driver from pre order cool grey 9his right foot on the brake pedal down likely to relative increase, if not accident, may also be a sprained ankle driver.
So, drive actually should wear what kind of shoes? ChengGuoJiang think, light soft shoes, casual shoes must be first choice. Sports shoes sole level off, in driving process can with clutch, accelerator and brake pedal occur between appropriate friction, not only elastic, and appropriate to grasp, "so, drivers, especially by women in the driver in the car driving for a pair of special shoes, in order to avoid the accident.
Lebron Jordan 2012 new shoes the sensation of the whole shoe boundary. According to the online PR news network reported that New York time on December 29, 2010, new lebron Jordan shoes production line in New York released in advance, in the shoe industry boundary caused a lot of, this kind of shoes is the world street association partner company manufacturing, and the lebron Jordan company won the concession. Lebron Jordan company allowed in 2012 from their products in the production line of advance order this shoes. This product is thebred 11s price official release date next June, each kind of style will limit issue 100000 pairs. This is their valuation measure part. People only in their web site on the purchase, and limit each customer the most can only buy two pairs of shoes.
Lebron Jordan company announced that every customer to buy a pair of sports shoes they will donate $3, provide all over the world the urgent need shoes, and those who need help. The company's vice President of marketing, Damon Jordan said, "there is no better than the business model, we can create a product, to discuss global demand, and createbred 11s 2012 employment opportunities, but also can help others. This is a win-win situation.
Lebron Jordan company is a online social network company, is the world's street association partner company's subsidiary. It hopes the new lebron Jordan sneakers and Nike and JUMPMAN company for competition. When the customer will be able to 15 paragraph from their Logo design choice they need signature sneaker. Lebron Jordan sneakers new product lines will be in full swing in January 2012.
Lebron Jordan company is the world's street association partner company's subsidiary, and Nike, Jumpman company, Michael Jordan and lebron James I do not havebred 11s any relation.

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