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Dec 27th 2012 at 10:51 PM

Kevin - LeFu go to where, all want to take with him the new buy camera, what are going to take, what will be left with friends and family, go back to share. Someone said, LeFu you this is a good habit, remember that you pass through the road, will do better.jordan 11s for sale LeFu one happy, say: "I got has enough now, I have to Thanksgiving everything."
This time, no one will think that this is the last season and get double-double timberwolves pioneer, the single field can house 31 points and rebounds from a well-known. This is the first time he came to China, everything seems to be is no different. His share of the age is not consistent with the mature, only in completely relax, you can find, he is more like to enjoy the sunshine of California's big boy, the world in his eyes, is still so fresh, also need to he step by step to experience.
LeFu to him on the pitch experience every thing, remember so clearly. Such as he entered the NBA's first year.
"At that time couldn't believe it, I want to be a professional!" LeFu said bred 11s buy online quietly, "the whole family, including university coaches say with me, calm point, then calm point. Steadfastly to play every game is good!" As the Lord UCLA he has been to adapt to his first year in the NBA as the most important task. "You try to think of you, the coach for the meeting, and then tell you, boy, tonight playing yao, play tomorrow night Duncan, and rest a day before you fly Dallas, you have to help others deal with dirk nowitzki ah. Do you think about it, this day in order to adapt to words how not easy!" Such a day, indeed every day have to struggle to adapt to, but the season he still in strongman serried NBA insider got is averaging 11.1 points and 9.1 rebounds results, for a rookie, this really not bad.
"But I think, this is ultimately not my end." LeFu still sitting there, seem tojordan 11 bred for sale be very calm, "since I'm here, who also don't want to ought to a man, let others years later when you come to can only say" oh? You said that the guy? Not so bad... and I don't have any fresh? ', you won't feel very upset? So I don't want to do this, I need to be more positive work harder." So the next season he rebounds and assists in score averaged, have improved. Although not much, but LeFu think, oneself this year no white efforts.
True to this for him very magical season, he averaged surrender "and + 15" papers, again ask him how much he work hard, he shook his head began to coaches and teammates said, "I know that we can let you think coach is not good enough, but I think he really enough patience, what to do, how to play low coordination, when, in fast rhythm when drop to play at the court, he will be in drops to me it's clear. You know he's played and kareem abdul-jabbar, although itjordan bred 11 for sale is outside, but to center face a play is a set this season. Whether we are a new coach, I will respect, blue than the coach." And the group of teammates, they did not let him into the playoffs, "I don't think so, man, you look at our team now the personnel structure, the back have enough experienced defender, inside have veteran join in, and more important is that more power is all young power, we have rubio, who and Derek - Williams, I to our team full of confidence. I believe it is only my personal performance is good, then we will be into the postseason."
For this in the past two years has been named in the England squad and all the stars of the big man is concerned, basic skill is just part of his success, the most important, is where to buy cool grey 9sconfidence. Confidence is he can conquer all weapons, and in have this confidence after that, he still keep a consistent calm, make love him for his confidence in future.
Even more mature and calm, LeFu is a 23 years old children. When he has not come in west semi-mohican haircut remain, a group of older than he stars dole. Jason kidd and battier looked at his appearance, ha ha laugh, "why Kevin, when become gang eldest brother?" LeFu to face be red, scratching his head said: "to cut before the holiday, play well, when I can be cut off. See you are no longer play jokes on him, he like to laugh at themselves with the camera lens said: "anyway season also don't know what time can open!
From the plane started, LeFu will take around to take go to, in the car for half a day found as a matter of fact, I didn't DongWo, while according to continue to around and say: "traffic really bad ah, than which best defenders are bad!" Until open every journey, he Jordan bred 4s for saledidn't think a little bit hard, while waiting for the plane side q side retinue: "you here have not delayed flights?"
In guangzhou, he heard that China men's basketball team will play here the Davis cup, especially excited to ask can see. When heard and activity time have conflict, he somewhat disappointed. No idle, he talked about his team play, speaking of the FIBA rules, he said with a laugh: "I but spend a long time to get used to it is different from the NBA's place, no defense three seconds, three points line distance, three seconds, and the shape of the basket ball rules, oh, adapted to the later and I don't adapt to the NBA, is really, really..." His laugh for a while and said, "but I really have to thank old coach K, I think he is like our legend of UCLA's coach wu as worthy of respect, has been patience, has been carefully, and never to the young detonation coarse, like his father. It's really not that every manager can do it."
This time, he didn't like the mature and prudent star, to adapt is he has been adhere to the thing. Shuttle between the in several cities, he talked about thejordan bred 11 UCLA from the four spring-like Los Angeles to cold Minnesota, the whack adapt to is not the average person can do it. "Ha ha, I don't want to training in addition to the house, never in the room just good? And adapt to this, the others are nothing!
LeFu let everybody see him as a star, the but again let everybody feel less than distance. He wore a relatives sent him a string of bead, look at my hand also bead string said: "give me this hand string said, he believe the buddhist. He said with this.

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