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Business Stratigy Much Like Building A Dam

Jan 11th 2013 at 6:16 PM

I am feeling like a kid in a candy store these days. It has been awhile since business had me feeling so excited. I have been making a living for about 6 years now. Some times more than others. Never the less enough so that I can stay home and not go out in the rat race. So with that in mind I found myself exactly where I like being, Building a team of like minded people in a industry that has never been in the internet market before. Mobile applications. The designer of the application has over 50 with apple and time warner but never before a internet marketing business.

Now you may being scratching your head and saying to yourself did she say building. Yes I did. I love building whether it is building your business or mine I love to build. In order to build you must be helping. That is the part that makes me like a kid. It gets me inspired, excited and ready each day to meet the morning.

Many may look at the title and say what? Truth is your business strategy is like building a dam. Have you ever wondered why those beavers make dam's in the first place, or why we build them. You are under the impression that those beavers are actually engineering genius. They are not. In fact they are really not all that bright. Those that live near lakes or ponds never build dams at all. It is only the ones that find they live next to a river or stream with that sound of rushing water that build them. Why, research found they do not like the sound so they build the dam to stop the sound. Now I just find that funny not smart. Why would anyone burn that much energy to stop a noise?

Business strategy on the other hand should be built on a strong foundation much like a dam. Unlike the beaver we often build dam's to harness energy. So you start your business online that generally means a one person show. The idea of course being build one person at a time to build a strong foundation. This strategy alone though will do little good. If there is no flow then there is no energy. The Hoover dam built to give irrigation water, prevent floods and give energy to thousands. It of course was a major undertaking, just like anything it was build one brick at a time to help thousands of people.

Your online business is the same way. You build it person by person until you have thousands. Just like it is necessary to have a flowing stream with a dam, you also need a flowing stream with your online business. You cannot just have one idea or one strategy to build. Or you will produce no energy. You must continue to gain new skills. Move on to different types of ideas to keep the energy flowing. If you come to the table with just one idea such as well I know I can recruit Mary, Joe and Johnny and they can get, Sue, George and Jennifer well guess what the dam will break. Everyone whether that begin with the know how must continue to gain new skills.

Not everyone is an article writer. Some are not going to have the skills to close a deal. Others are afraid to talk to strangers. Some do not know how to use their email what alone send out a email campaign. It does not matter. Some may learn their the best closer, the skill was there all along they just were not aware of it. Others will be terrific ad writers, you wonder why they are not working for some marketing firm.

The point is skills are teachable, education is available to learn. You simply must put Mary, Joe and Johnny's heads together build a strategy for your business. Do not work as an island. Or you will find yourself sitting on the shore alone when your business goes bust. Do not waste energy just building other wise like the beaver you are just stopping the noise. You need to discover new skills in your people and they must help build. Build together and you and your business will find your as powerful as Hoover Dam.

So into a new business I go with a coming that is exploding with a mobile application on self improvement. Adding that together with internet marketing and I believe it is a winner.

I have people that are either good at building or are ready to learn the two very essential ingredients to building a solid foundation. So kid in the candy store you bet. I love to not just help my own business build but yours as well. When you are about to sign up for a company no matter if it is a MLM or internet marketing business. Make sure the person you are joining has the same passion for success as you. Than everyone will be on solid ground.

Thanks, Cindy

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