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I am a web developer, blogger, semi-pro poker player, darts hustler, beer drinker, recreational gold miner, writer, product developer, graphic artist, internet marketer... and so much more.

I have been making my living, full-time, on the internet for the past 14+ years. Before that I owned a computer store where approximately one-third of our $2m+ yearly sales were from online marketing. I guess you could say that I know a thing or two about making money online.

I split my time between my hometown of Henryetta, OK and my adopted home town of South Park... ummm... I mean Salida, CO

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Gary Calvert | gwcalvert

Building Real Wealth in Your Business

Dec 18th 2010 at 7:13 PM

There are so many opportunities on the internet, that sometimes its hard to find the one(s) that are going to provide you with a substantial income. The opportunities run the gauntlet from matrix programs to affiliate programs to creating your own products/websites.

I have been an entreprenuer for most of my life. I started my first business at 10 years of age repairing and customizing bicycles for kids in my neighborhood... I lived in the country and there were not too many "close" neighbors... But I made the most of what was available and averaged making $40 or $50 dollars profit each week. That may not sound like much, but for a ten year old kid in 1974, it was a fortune!

From there I have created many successful businesses over the years, including my last offline business that did over $2 million in sales in only its second year of operation. I guess you could say that I know a thing or two about starting a business and making money.

Most opportunities on the net may make you a few bucks here and there and even make you a good living... But do you know who is really raking in the dough? The people who create those sites and products that you are promoting. It is true that they are the ones who laid out the capital and took the risk to get the site or product on the market, but the biggest rewards at the end of the day also goes to them.

Not everyone is cut out to start a business. Most out there are better suited to work for someone else. Whether you realize it or not, when you are an affiliate for a site or a product you are an employee for that site or product. You may be self-employeed in the eyes of the tax man, but you haven't created anything or taken any risk... The site or product owner did... You're just a salesman. And before long, you are off to promote another site or product.

Real wealth comes from creating the product or website and getting others to promote it for you.

Take a look at this example:

You are promoting a 100 dollar product that pays you 75% commission and make 10 sales. You made $750 dollars from your efforts.

The person who created this product has 100 affiliates that all make 10 sales. The product owner made $25,000! Now, who is building the real wealth here?

Don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with being an affiliate. Affiliates are the lifeblood of the site and product developers. Without them, their products would not be nearly as successful. People like me (an owner and developer) love their affiliates!

As a product or site owner, you have more flexibility when it comes to creating wealth in your business with or without affiliates. You can develop a network of content sites that derive their income from ad revenues. You may also decide to develop one or more membership sites for a recurring monthly income.

Product and site developers also may do small internal launches without the use of affiliates. I do this quite often. Not because I do not want to deal with the affiliates, but because I want to keep the site small (especially in the case of training or course sites), where I can devote more personal attention to the members. This personal attention creates loyalty amongst my customers and makes them more likely to buy from me in the future.

Most developers that I know have tons of ideas for new products and sites sitting around waiting to be acted upon. They do not have enough time to develop every good idea that comes into their head, but if they need a quick cash infusion they have these ideas already around and ready to be rolled out quickly to their network of affiliates or their mailing list. A product or site owner may also offer a "sale" on their property as a way of creating quick cash. As an affiliate you do not have this luxury.

An affiliate is stuck at the mercy of the site or product owner. They may be able to offer bonuses to entice their customers to buy from them, but that is about as far as their flexibility to create a quick cash infusion extends unless they are a supper-affiliate who may be able to negotiate a temporary price reduction for their customers from the product owner.

The real wealth in any business, whether online or in the brick and mortar world is in being a product owner. Sure you can make a great income by being an affiliate or salesman, but if you want to create a substantial long-term business that doesn't require you to kill yourself to make a sale, you need to become an owner.

There are numerous ways to make a living on the internet, but the only way to build real wealth in your online business is to become an owner and developer.

Later I will add more articles on the subject of starting a business. Leave your comments and questions below and I'll answer them as best as I can here or in a later article.

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