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Timothy Eller | timothyeller
sun visor organizer
1 month ago

Building Blocks For Success

Jun 15th 2013 at 9:51 AM

Like any child from my generation, when growing up I loved to play
with classic toys like “Lincoln Logs” and “Erector Sets” – this
of course was before everything had to include a USB port and an
always-on WIFI connection to the interweb but still they were great for early Building Blocks For Success.

One thing I learned from playing with objects that existed only in
the “REAL” world was the fact that if you wanted something to work
and remain intact it had to be assembled in a careful, thoughtful

Well, that lesson has stuck with me and it absolutely applies to the
way in which I craft my  Marketing campaigns.

Every successful Marketing Campaign has three (3) key Building Blocks For Success


Building Blocks For Success

Building Blocks For Success

It must provide a truly compelling, preferably irresistable,

This is REALLY important, so allow me to dive into this deep
for just a moment.

The problem with most marketing messages is that they’re… well,
weak.  They basically say the same boring things as you see on
most boring business cards. Worse, they say exactly
the same things everybody else is saying.

“Dedicated to service!”
“The Best at …”
“Number One in NNN County for XXX Years…”
“In Business since 19XX…”

Who cares?  Even worse, they end without any kind of clear


Which means the prospect – after processing the message – has no
clear idea what it is they should do next.

Here are the key elements of an effective Marketing Message and Building Blocks For Success.

Building Blocks For Success

Building Blocks For Success

* Meaningful specifics, not vague generalities
* A real Promise
* An Offer or Offers
* Precise Commands – “What I want you to do now”
* An Extra Reason to Act Immediately

Whenever I teach these principles – and the other Magnetic Marketing
elements of “direct response” – people who “get it” change the way
they communicate with their prospects and customers dramatically…
which brings powerful positive results instantly and forever.

And Then….

It requires knowledge, access to information, and the
skills to choose, define, and target the very BEST possible markets.
This means delivering your Marketing Message to ONLY those most
likely to respond… which requires on your part a little more
thought and analysis than just carpet bombing a Zip Code with
letters and expecting to get insanely great results.

(As you’re probably already realizing, I’m a big fan of using
that grey go between the ears as effectively as possible.)

And, it’s all about choosing the right media to use.

And honestly, I meant to go into this subject, but it’s critical
information and frankly more than I can take on in this post,
I’m out of space…

Indeed, I could prattle on for days on each of those topics – I’ve
studied them for years and there’s so much involved. As I told you
earlier, if you were looking for the shiny “magic button” from me,
that’s not who I am. I shoot straight and want to give you
information that WORKS rather than is TRENDY.

I want to set you up for the Building Blocks For Success , not FAILURE.

To help further clarify the way I think about the Building Blocks For Success success and failure,
I’ve bundled a series of lessons, they
will lay out some more of the foundational principles upon which
all my magnetic marketing strategies and Building Blocks For Success are built upon.


Learn more about building blocks for success here

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