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I love my home with my husband Jim and our kids... Maja, Badger and Chet. Our dogs, but yes, our kids. I love to play golf, fish, watch a good movie and read a good book every once-in-awhile.

I truly enjoy working my business... Text Ad Exchange Owner, I own 5... which keeps me busy. It`s also helped me to grow, make new friends and relationships.

Brenda Crofoot | bjfoot
May YOUR Christmas have Peace, Joy, Love and Laughter... Brenda

Building A Business On The Road To Failure

Jan 13th 2011 at 8:57 AM

I find it amazing the number of folks out there that under-sell & give their business
away. I say this because I, and many others, have been experiencing a very large
group of folks that have come into the Text Ad Exchange/Safelist industry that have
given their businesses away from the beginning. They can't figure out why they aren't
making money and are on the Road To Failure.

First... How many places have you seen Free Advertising and I'm talking about
Premium Advertising being given away in massive amounts to get their membership
up fast. The result in this action,  nothing is ever purchased in these sites. The solo
ads and other premium advertising are rendered ineffective and the list is unrespon-

Let's see what happens with a solo ad when huge amounts have been given away
for free.   A member places a solo ad and it takes months to go out (or never goes
out at all) because so many solo ads have been given away for free. In these sites
the Query are always full and overflowing. When a Query gets that full, the next action
the admin is going to take is to increase the mail that's sent out.  So far, to many
solos have been given away resulting in to many solo ads being Qd for sending.
There is going to be a loss of membership because of outrageous amounts of solos
being sent out per day!  Most Newbies figure out that if more than 6-12 solos
per day are sent out of a site, their ad is not going to get the attention it deserves.
And, you have a membership that has so much advertising they have no need to
participate by viewing ads of any kind to purchase advertising and they have no
need to purchase any advertising with cash because they have so much advertising
in their account.  Of course, this business is going to fail, but in the meantime,  until
people figure this out...  The lists out there that have been trying to strike a position
that supports their members and their business, are suffering because of
these ineffective and non-responsive lists. 

The next thing that has happened is owners have decided to undersell scripts and
sites which renders everyone's sites devalued. This is in an effort to make money
in these sales because their original business has been destroyed by folks that don't
have a clue about business and how to make a reasonable income. These sites are
not cheap to build and maintain if you actually work at building your business every
day. Not to mention, why would anyone pay for sites that are worth a good chunk
of change when they can purchase other places for much less than what real market
value should be. Many folks just look at the cheap and think that this the standard
and nothing could be further from the truth. 

Admins are now giving away JV and Super JV Memberships with huge free advertising
packages to the general population... It's my belief that JV Membership at any level is
reserved for those that want to participate in the building of a new site and receive high
compensation for their efforts. The sites that are just giving away JV Memberships have
now rendered JV Membership to nothing more than the Free Membership level and
their advertising is still rendered ineffective because these Admins have included that
massive Free Advertising Package to the membership.

People seem to think the number of members in a list is a guarantee to a responsive list.
Not true!  It has alot to do with the Admins approach to building their list and how much
effort the Admin puts into building the list. Building a list requires being reasonable with
what is offered for free and continually building the list on a daily basis, bringing in new
members constantly to be effective and competitive in the market place.

In the end, if you plan on starting a business, any business, take the time to learn what's
out there in the market place you're looking at. Find ways to be competitive, but don't
undersell your business and just give it away. You want to be able to make a reasonable
income for your efforts and provide a premium product to your customers. No one in their
right mind gives everything away for free and reasonably expects to make an income and
be successful.

It just doesn't happen that way!

Best Regards...

Brenda Crofoot


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Jan 13th 2011 at 11:49 AM by deewest
Good Article! How true it is...... Give Too Much away, it makes it not responsive, and don't make money.. which includes Top Level memberships and Advertising! Keep the Articles Coming Brenda I always enjoy Reading them! To Your Success in 2011 Dee

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