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Social media is all about Keeping up appearances; No I am not talking about the light heart-ed comedy that used to Air on PBS. Getting to know each other is sometimes the hardest step to take! I really enjoy being Social and reaching out to those that place themselves in a high regard when it comes to their interests... especially when it's something new and up ad coming. Who wouldn't want to be on the cusp of the latest craze? Its everyone's dream to have something in their life that they hold something in a high regard. It is why many of us feed of the very social fibers that hold our society together. What can I say? I love being social... and I'll tell you why you should be there too aside from it being fun.

Building a blog around you

Sep 7th 2010 at 2:29 AM

Many People think that a blog is a non-sense tactic ...

The truth is that blogging really serves as two important and vital purposes.

1) It brands who you are and gives you a voice in the world.

2) Can act as a great sense of income if that is the route you choose to go once you get established.

The best way to start your blog is to get a "longtail" domain name and get some hosting established. This will in a sense be your brand...

example) instead of having <---I have no idea if either domain exists

try giving yourself an edge with a more striking name like

If you can't afford a domain name and hosting that is fine because you can always start at and later move to your own hosting. I personally got a cc domain and they got me a company that gave me free hosting and then I just purchased a domain from one of the regular registrar companies and pointed my nameservers to the host.

After you get the technical side of where you want to host your blog and install wordpress on it. (the wordpress download page will link you to a walk-through of how to install it) You can then do a internet search for themes or go back to the wordpress site to pick out one of the free ones people have created.

Once you have everything setup you can actually start writing or blogging about the things you love. Some people blog about thier personal life, hobbies, and other interests.  The main thing about blogging is to NEVER portray yourself other than what or who you are. If you want to build a good viewership then you just want to be yourself.

After you have been writing everyday (about original ideas- don't plagiarize) then you will need people to start to visit you. Friends and family are always a good start but if you have found other blogs on the same topic it would be a good idea to visit their blogs and make comments on their posts. If you have your comment sounding spammy then the author will just delete your comment but if you actually comment on what was written you should be fine with being able to link back to your blog from theirs in your comment you leave. You may even post links on your various social media sites that you are a member of to help spread the word.

If you really dont want to have to worry about creating a free blog then moving to a host and you want to invest in your blog right away then you can actually be a guest blogger on someones site. You can then after you get your blog up and running always link back to your blogs you already wrote and will have an established prescence online.

If I had to estimate your success in all of this it would be a hard bet to make because I am not you. If you truly want to do something like this and make it your primary source of income then I would not quit your day job. Its not that you wont crank out good blogs but because building a prescense online can take time even if you are experiened.

I suppose if your were a really dedicated person you could actually develop a good presence and potentially make enough to live on after about 6 months. I cant promise you this but I can say that if you want to work yourself out of your 9 to 5 job it may be wise to invest 15-20 hours a week online if you want blogging to pay you eventually.

The investment is minimal with blogging (approximately 50.00 for domain and hosting for a year). The real investment is going to be the time it takes to build yourself up. Its really about building the Blog around you.

Please to comment
Sep 22nd 2010 at 6:01 PM by judyhwright
Please don't quit your day job expecting to make money on the internet. The majority of people do not. The only people who really make money are those who sell products on how to make money. Just don't give up.

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