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Build Your List! So Cheap It's Almost FREE!

Apr 1st 2011 at 11:45 AM

Are you interested in building your own emailing list?

One of the best ways to build a list quickly is with a JV Giveaway.

I advertised one a couple of weeks ago as a place to go to get free stuff.  I know a number of you participated and I hope you are really enjoying all the free stuff you were able to download.

But as a contributor to that free stuff, I nearly doubled the number of people on MY list. 

So if you are interested in Marketing on the Internet as a way to make income, this is something you should be joining as a Vendor not merely as a member/participant.

Another huge JV Giveaway, probably the year's largest is beginning next week.  You still have time to participate as a vendor if you wish.

Before you go you will need some bare minimum essentials.

1) You will need a List Manager aka Autoresponder.

The one I use is Aweber.  They get your mail through because their servers have the least false positives for spam.  Their system is the market leader as well.

They also have a 1 month trial for a $1.  If you sign up for this JV and you don't get the results you hope, you've lost a buck!  Consider the potential ROI (return on investment) for that buck.  But if you are really unhappy they will even give you your $1 back (30 day guarantee)

You have zero to lose here. 

Sign up for Aweber at:

Use this link   http://ricworthy.com/aweber

Just hit the green order button on the top right.

Create your first list.  Fill in the form as best you can.  Aweber provides videos, on-line chat help, and telephone support if you get stuck.  The first time is hard because it is all new but after that you can set up a list in minutes.

2) You'll need a 'free offer', squeeze page, website, domain name.

Yeah, this sound complicated doesn't it.  Well it can be but it no longer is thanks to Listlaser.  It's FREE to set up 3 Giveaway squeeze pages.  It absolutely perfect for this situation. 

Build the Pages for you
Provide the free gift for you
Host the Pages for you
Provide the Domains for you

Make out like a Bandit!

List Laser can also make you some money directly but you have to invest in the full program to do that.  Their website can explain the advantages of joining.

It's just nice to see those deposits show up in your Paypal account without having done anything.  You decide if it's for you but the first 3 sites are FREE so just sign up.

Sign up for ListLaser at:

Use this link:  http://ricworthy.com/listlaser

Follow the list laser instructions to set up your squeeze page(s).  You will need the codes from your Aweber form so that is why you set up Aweber first.  It's all in the easy to follow instructions on the ListLaser site.

3) Join the giveaway as a contributor.

This is not free!  You will need to buy enough credits to show at least one of your three free squeeze pages.

It costs 15 credits for each page you add to the Giveaway.  Credits are less than a $1 each depending on how many you buy and what kind of package you join under.  You chose what is best for you.  BTW, you get 10 credits for joining so your first one is almost free.

Sign up for Easter JV Giveaway:

Use this link:  http://bit.ly/Easter_JV_Vend

Once you are signed up, Login to the Site.  Click on "Your contribution" and then "Manage Gifts".   Enter the required information and the URL's from your List Laser Free Squeeze pages and wait for the launch next Wednesday.

4) Promote, Promote, Promote

Oh, Yeah!  Now Promote the JV giveaway site to your hearts content to everyone you know.  I mean who doesn't like FREE stuff.  More on promotion soon.

You can use this link:   http://bit.ly/EasterJVGiveaway

(or one of your own) to promote the site to those you know that like to get free stuff.

To ReCap

Get an Aweber Account
Get 3 Free Squeeze Pages
Sign up for the Giveaway as a Vendor
Promote, promote, promote (with this or your own)

Now sit back and watch the sign ups roll into your new email list.   This thing goes on for 3 whole weeks.  You could potentially get hundreds of sign ups at a cost of pennies per person.

You can do this!

If you run into a snag, email me at support@ricworthy.com and I'll see what I can do to help you.

To your huge new list.


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