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Build Your List Fast

Oct 4th 2011 at 3:39 AM

Any flourishing internet marketer will tell you that one of the most Essential things you need in your business is a subscriber list, and the quicker you can Build up your list the quicker you will see results. But how can you build a list quickly.

To start with you Must to come up with an proposition that will make people want to subscribe, this could be anything like a complimentary ebook or Perhaps you are promoting a membership site or a good program. What ever your offer is I recommend giving something away for free because people love free stuff.Then you Should to write an email telling people about your splendid offer. Make sure the subject line stands out so people want to open your email. The email must also include a link to a squeeze page with an opt in form. Once someone has submitted there details they should be taken to a thank you page explaining that they Should to look in there inbox for your email. So this means you need a confirmation email set up in your auto responder. This email ought to explain that you are double checking that you have permission to send emails to your subscriber when they click on a link in your email to get to your brilliant offer.

When your all set up you Should to find another Internet marketer in your niche that is offering solo ads, this can be done by using forums. For example if you are in the internet marketing niche then the best place to go is the warrior forum. A solo ad is when you pay someone an arranged amount of money for them to send your email to their list.

The amount you pay is as a rule based on the amount of people who open your mail, this is known as the number of clicks. Be very vigilant about who you do business with because you can easily get ripped off! Do some inquiries on the persons reputation, ask some questions like how large is their list? How did they build their list? (If they bought it then don't touch them), How many clicks will you get for your money? Ask that they will promise the number of clicks that you pay for. As a general rule $25-$35 per 100 clicks is a pretty good deal. When you have found someone you want to do business with you just need to set up a date and payment and forward the email with your offer, then simply wait and keep an eye on your inbox for a load of new subscribers!

As soon as you have a decent sized list of your own you can commence offering ad swaps. To do an ad swap you need to find people with similar sized lists in your niche and ask if they would like to do a swap. You just send them your email with your offer and they will send you their offer and you decide on a date to send each others emails. After the emails have gone out you need to check the outcome so you will need tracking software. If you have both received a similar amount of clicks then that's great. However if you have received a lot more clicks then your ad swap partner then you ought to offer to send their email again and of cause if it's the other way round then they should offer to send your email again. Ad swaps are great because both parties can build up their lists for free, you just need to remember to send the email on the agreed date.

If all this seems a bit difficult then there is an easier way which I use myself and highly recommend and that is to join safe swaps. Safe swaps is a membership site specially for ad swaps and solo ads, and they are particularly good if you are in the Internet marketing niche. You can effortlessly find reliable people to do swaps with and most of the process is done automatically so you don't have to worry to much about keeping track of dates. Safe swaps will also track your clicks for you so you don't need to invest in expensive tracking software. There are loads of tutorials and there is a forum so it really is user friendly. Membership is from $25 per month but if you build your list quickly this should be peanuts compared to the money you will be earning.

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Oct 4th 2011 at 8:20 AM by LonnieG
I can see that the things you are sharing here would very likely quickly grow your list. I will have to think all the way through the implications of list swaps. ~L

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