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Bring out your good old lunchbox now!

Mar 3rd 2015 at 2:06 AM

How long has it been since the last time you left the house with a packed lunch? It seems to be an old-fashioned habits that is no longer trendy. With the birth of the fastfood industry, it seems so much more convenient and cost-saving to grab a "quick bite" from the nearest cafeteria or food truck, right?

The truth is, this new habit is not a good one. An undeniable fact is that obesity is becoming more and more of a common issue for Americans of all ages. Everyone knows that most meals from fastfood restaurants can be loaded with extra sugar, fat, and additives. Yet, we are quick to grab a slice of pizza or a burger for lunch. Are we really in for the good taste, or simply just because it is more convenient to do so? It's time to stop and take a look at how a real meals can benefit us. The truth is, it really does not take that much longer to pack lunch from home, and the benefits are totally worth the little extra effort. Here are the reasons for that:

The time it takes to pack food can be shorter than the time you would have waited in line:

Most people choose to give their kids lunch money instead of a lunch box because they think they do not have time to cook and prepare lunch. The truth is, lunches can be really quick to assemble. If you already have lunch meat and bread at home, it only takes minutes to assemble a classic sandwich that your kids love. Have some veggies in your fridge? You can spend perhaps half an hour each week chopping them up and put away in containers, and lunch salads are ready.

It doesn't have to take extra time to make food either. Since you will have to make dinner for the family anyway, why not cook in bulk and save some for lunch. Soups, stews, and braised dishes taste great as leftover. They are also packed with nutritions that you and your kids need!

If you have everything ready in your kitchen, it will only take less than 10 minutes to pack your lunch and take it to work. It sure is faster than leaving your office, waiting in line for your order, and then waiting some more before your order is ready.

Packing lunch helps you save money

Restaurants are businesses, and businesses need to make profit. That's right, when you are buying a sandwich, you are not just paying for the bread and the ingredients. You are paying for part of the rent, utilities, workers' salary, and a ton of other overhead costs for that restaurant, plus some profit to the owner. The quality of the sandwich may or may not exceed what you can make at home, but the cost sure does. So before you spend your dollars, take a moment to think if it is worth it.

A restaurant meal used to be seen as a luxury or a special occasion. The fastfood restaurant, however, quickly turns that into a quick, convenient experience but without any added value or quality. So instead of spending $10 every day for lunch, wouldn't it be nicer if you save up all that change, and have a nice family night out on the weekend? 5 rushed lunch with edible quality of food, versus a $50 meal at a nice restaurant, with a nice experience that you cannot replicate at home. Which one is better for you?



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