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Dec 17th 2012 at 4:03 AM

"In fact I completely do not say to layup shoes collector, can calculate basketball shoes collector, because I am from real collectors are far...""Lele" this year 24 years old, in a chain of the cleaner's work, he is a great guy, the biggest hobby is to collect, produce the greatest NBA player Michael Jordan named "AirJordan" (Jordan) series basketball shoes, the current has collected more than 30 double.In order to collect, he always concerned about the online and chengdu ball shoe store, also specially to basketball shoe store worked as assistant.
Because shoes just like Michael Jordan-"The last 14 seconds, the score 85-86, the jazz team lead. The ball made jazz Karl Malone hand, suddenly Jordan from Malone, behind the ball was broken out! The last 5.8 seconds, Jordan in the face of the jazz Russell, dribbling, order bred 11s onlinespeed, stop, Russell was sway, shooting, the ball into the! Game over! Total score 4-2, bulls win the championship!"
1997 to 1998 season, China central television broadcast NBA game, the season Michael Jordan won his sixth championship ring. And just top junior high school of "lele" also because television like basketball. His first a pair of basketball shoes is bought 2003 "reebok". But he did not pay special attention to a star, Michael Jordan the understanding also only "this man play basketball very much".In 2004, a book called "Size Size" magazine, published the "lele" into the world of tennis shoes, "through the magazine introduction, I know 'AirJordan' series, and spiralling out of control." When I was still in high school "lele" began to study "AirJordan" series, up to now he also has a "Size Size" of the first six period, be a memorial.

In addition to studying shoes, "lele" also began to study Michael Jordan, pre order cool grey 9"the more you understand him, he is surprised at his player with great skill, the more like Jordan." AirJordan "is to make the" air Jordan "become an indispensable part of legend. I and many other collection" AirJordan "not very same place is, because Jordan shoes just like his own."In the university, "lele" from every months of living inside out some money, used to buy "AirJordan" shoes. From 2004 to now, spent about 100000 yuan. And he through collecting the basketball shoes friends, many people not only collect "AirJordan" series, but also collect other NBA star shoes. "I a yibin friend, now or college students, but a collection of more than 100 pairs of shoes, only 5 years history. Almost every month to buy two pairs of shoes. I and they are, whether the number of shoes or spend time, money is not much."
For collection to the shoe store-"AirJordan" series, a total of 23 generations, pre order jordan bred 11s each generation has its own meaning. But "lele" favorite is the first generation and generation of 23, "from the beginning to the end, the first generation and 23 generation are two symbols, especially the generation of 23, it is Jordan jersey number 23. And the first generation, I besides like the design, but also because this pair of shoes is the first pair of shoes to Jordan named, witnessed the birth of a legend. Although "AirJordan" first generation shoes is born in 1985, but now Nike company every year "copy", it is the original design to production, with different colors. "Lele" years according to the discretion of the upper, the color is different, a total of seven double collection "AirJordan" bred 11s 2012first generation, "my favorite is north Carolina (north Carolina made university) match colors, because Jordan is the university graduation." He has a pair of "AirJordan" first generation, is a basketball in the manga YingMuHuaDao wear colors, "this is because comic fire, Nike didn't have out."

The university for four years, "lele" went around chengdu each shoe shop, still van nung hee road a basketball shoe store manager became good friends. In 2008, the shoe shop shop assistant, and he will sign up for. Months of clerk life, not only long knowledge, and also satisfy the their own interests, "the company for the clerk arranged for training and test, the content is basketball shoes type, material and history. Especially material part, is the company'spre order bred 11s confidential, only internal staff to learn." Now he just look at the shoes label and code, you can quickly say this pair of shoes producing area, production time, materials and technology, many people around on the Internet to buy shoes will find him the authenticity, "if I go to sell shoes, must be higher than now most of the shop assistant is professional.
Very hope polishing the 4 pairs of shoes-To own every pair of shoes, "lele" are love, but the occasional wear at home through the addiction, usually he has to use toilet paper to wrap up the shoes, and desiccant together into the bag, and then jordan 11 for salepiled up in the chest of a cool ventilated place, a few months out change a drying agent. Although very love shoes, but "lele" always think the role of shoes or brought to wear, "shoes material but is plastic, rubber and so on, life is not long, the time for a long time will change, degumming, it's the only mission is to let people wear." He is ready to slowly put some shoes to wear it.

"Lele" university is cartoon design, usually idle, he will also take your mind think good design picture out, whether it be drawing or collection, let him feel very happy. But there are also let him depressed, which many people don't understand collection basketball shoes behavior, his girlfriend that he now work still buy these shoes, is not mature performance, and the family, I think he buy shoes don't wear pure is a waste of money, but he don't think so, "in fact collection" AirJordan 'players, mainly concentrated in the 80, we have seen the most jordan 11 bred pre orderglorious s Jordan, also seen his awkward ending." Now after the 90 most familiar with the "little emperors" James, "flash" dwyane wade, "flyers" Jordan for them is just a distant legend.Although now work, but "lele" not going to give up their own collection, collection of his "AirJordan" series also sent the third generation, and 18 and 19 generation, 20th generation 4 pairs, he hopes to receiving all as soon as possible. To collect, he thinks that is a kind of faith, is also a kind of insist, "even with Michael Jordan the legendary a witness it."

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