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Dec 12th 2012 at 1:31 AM

This year's motion wind is popular, the people were silent to his heels into the sports shoes. On colour, whether low-key classical color or rainbow color feeling light color to move, dynamic dress up are enough to let you become the focus pre order jordan 11of the nanjing street.Hide "in each small jewelry store, and some look very fresh. Such as in a called" earl boutique shop "inside, hang with the root of the plant (stem) braided Christmas shoes. Of course, the shoes can't wear, can hang on the wall or on the table. To look below the recommended a few sports shoes, tell you how to design is the 2012 fire sheet is tasted.System with sports shoes, the charm of a paragraph, sole is non-slip design, very comfortable, make a random XiuXianFeng.High help bind belt of sports shoes, pieces of red very fashionable. Collocation shorts or short skirt, make double leg more slender, make a more perfect fluctuation body scale.Cloth cover and suede splicing very trend, is red shoes, low-key costly feeling, light blind your eyes. Leisure in take bit of movement, is absolutely the most bright eye street a.The sole rubber non-slip very comfortable, LanGong two color in the white make a low-key British wind.
Leisure, soft, comfortable, Italian style, Murillo spirit deductivepre order bred 11let you have no burden, comfortable through every corner of the world, downy colour collocation let you become beautiful angel incarnation, the focus of the eyes in the travel, the time for you to easily fit, happy live each day。With innovative color collocation, new face shows classic design, build a unique British fashion, leading the trend.Casual shoes is tide male are the necessary sheet is tasted, no matter what clothes collocation is the same as well.This one season, casual shoes a leading fashion agitation, pleasant and beautiful, let a man full of energy, small make up today to introduce a few fashion casual shoes.

You keep up with the fashion? Do you know the man this year popular what shoes? Yes, that's the high help shoes,Full of British style fashion high help boots, inside the soft nap, not only deodorization, and at the same time, bring your feet feel more comfortable.Along with the gender dark jeans on the same dark jeans, and no one can see clearly it what kind of pants, isn't it tide to detonation? Plus along with the gender of the insert pocket, the whole people leisure and personality.Athletes in training or long-distance running game, really want to know how much you have run way, whether grades improved? Therefore, British scientists to design a kind of computer sports shoes. This kind of shoes in its heel department is equipped with a micro computer, shoes the eye with a liquid crystal display, it can accurately tell you at any time, pre order bred 11seach step distance? Have already run many distance and use? How much energy consumption in the body? Thus for athletes and coaches to provide the scientific basis for training.
Athletes have a professional "war boots", to protect the leg from sports injuries. According to the notice of the ministry of education, the winter is long distance guangzhou small and medium-sized students, sports strength athletes are less, but because it is in the foot development period, also want to have double qualified "war boots" to protect their feet from a sprained knee or damage.
Sports, different from the common steps road, the shoes are required. Long-term jogging may lead to physical damage, such as a sprain, knee pain, tendonitis, etc. Wearing the wrong shoes, not only cannot achieve the fitness function, on the contrary may affect the health of your feet and knees.
The sports shoes easy sprain foot
Zhongshan school of medicine rehabilitation system distinguished professor WuKun British points out, sandals, leather shoes, casual shoes, canvas shoes and cannot have stable foot effect, easy to sprain foot or shock injure knee, don't wear on high strength movement. And should choose the fit comfortable, suspension, prevent slippery and stable sports shoes.
What kind of sports shoes to protect their feet function more? Everyonebred 4s in the choose and buy shoes, a good hand to feel the way can tell:
Hard heel cup : stable heel bone to prevent heel bone sprain.
Sole (arch) have finalize the design of bottom: support weight, shock absorption and strengthen the foot supporting force, in ran 1000 meters to 2000 meters long by fatigue, foot pain opportunity.
Wear the "good shoes" is not qualified
WuKun British said, now the children have no lack of sports shoes, often hundreds of pieces of shoes, and design for modern pairs to buy. But often appears, wearing inappropriate way, way to walk undeserved, circle the sports shoes "grinding" into the shoes of the effect.
For instance, many people wear shoes, directly on the shoes 踭, after his feet system is inside the shoe, as time passes, the shoes 踭 bearing surface become soft, lose prevent strain effect. In addition, wear long shoes heel is wear shoes is too big or too small, and is likely to cause damage to the movement.
Ground is too hard to choose shock shoes
Too hard road, convex or uneven road are not suitable for running. In the convex surface run will increase the pressure of knee and hip pain caused by shares. So, if running ground is too hard, need to choose suspension type of running shoes. When buying,pre order cool grey 9should choose high shock absorption function of shoes materials, avoid wearing use air cushion, slingshot design running shoes, these two kinds of design are easy to cause the ankle joint injury.
In addition, overweight children also need to choose shock running shoes. Because, when the normal walking, hip joint for force equivalent to fifty percent of the weight, and when running, especially in the run up the hill pressure will be increased to three point three times of weight.
How to reduce sports injuries?
More than teenagers, many people also began running in the morning exercise the body, WuKun suggest you do the following, reduce injury opportunity:
1. Step by step, the short, slow speed, strength, endurance start until enough to slowly increase the running distance, time and speed.
2. Don't suddenly increase running distance and Bred 11s 2012sports strength.
3. Try not to run up and down.
4. Don't be too hard and rough roads running.
5. Wear the right running shoes, and pay attention to running shoes have been worn.

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