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Oct 29th 2010 at 9:49 AM

The point we are all looking for when it come to owning a buisness or new concept is the idea of critical mass!  These two words signify that the world as we know it know about you and understand for the most part what your mission statement involves.  You might have played this game before but I say "Just do it!" you think ______

if I sing dat at da da daaaaa  you think of _________

If the first one made you think of NIKE and the second Mc Donalds you know the company and you know for the most part wat they do!

Now... How do you get this without having to work as hard!.. EASY!  Really?   YES!


You see in todays world although you and I may not be massive conglomerta companies with tons of advertising dollars.  We can still make noise for ourselves thanks to the advances in internet!   You may think that it is a confusing place with to much information to riffile through.  Although that actually might be true and there is a definite learning cureve to anything in life.

I will outline here for free how to get viral quickly and it works if your willing to work for it!


First you will need to create your biz idea and name!  What!  It's true!

OK  You have a name a biz concept and hopefully you have all the aspects of what it would take to start a biz from scratch.

Simple begining ideas!

Register your name in your county or nationally if possible!

Create a bank acct that you use stricly for the biz!  You can usually do so for free at some banks and others will start an acct for $25.00

Join the social networks that are being used by others.

Get a youtube acct!

Lets get started on step 2

Ok  so maybe you have a biz and your already making money and you just want to start getting more traffic both physical and on the web.  Then again maybe your just starting out!

So you have joined the social media groups!  myspace / facebook / twitter / youtube

thats really all you will need other than your own website which we can talk about someother time!  You will now upload to these sites pictures of your product.  You will express the companies mission statement and how your product does what ever it does

You may ask yourself why!  Easy you see on the internet we want your name to start surfacing on search engines.  This will be done by creating these accounts.  This will start your web presence!

Make a video!  It does not have to be professionaly made it does not have to look that good.  What you want is your idea in 30seconds to a minute and a half.   We live in a time and place where everything is fast so you need to be fast as well!  THe video may not even have anything to do with your concept maybe you are just looking for views.  The more outside the box you cam make your concept then most likely it will become viral!  I have noticed that the most popular videos and this is not a numbers game but by popularity are animales, kids, and funky contraption videos that have done the best!..

What do I mean by funny contraption videos!....  Well it comes down to videos that involve alot of work but seem to be very simple while you are watching.  We as a race like to see things that affect our heartstrings, amaze us by the simplicity of the moment, and love to see a symphony of action with one cohesive result!

If you can get an idea from the world and work it to those concepts above you will garnish yourself a viral video that will get your name out there!


There are other ways of getting noticed and getting media outlets to promote you for free!  If you are able to give your product for free.  Then you should do a free lecture at  library and let those in your community know what it is that you are selling and let veryone on your community know.  MAke ohone calls to all the media outlets in your town and you have a much better chance that you may belive to be on television, radio, or print!

Antoher good way is to become a bloger or even comment on websites forums in which you talk about the products on the site and offer your expertise or perception apon the idea. By doing so you will start to get others who will follow what you have to say!  You can then place a signature at the end which leads people to your site or biz!

After that I hope your Buisness model was planned out ahead and you are able to grow with the wants and needs of your consumer base!



Paul Carpenter

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