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Brand New Year - Brand New Beginning

Jan 7th 2011 at 10:13 PM

My friend and co-worker, Bill, has been active in what is termed as Martix-MLM online businesses for quite some time.  He recently began discussing this with me.  I was dutifully skeptical at first, who wouldn't be?  But the more I listened to his explanations, read the presented documentation he offered, the more it all began to make sense.  "Face it," I told him, "The last MLM business I have dealt with was Amway." and we all know how that works out for most who try it.  Its a few rich operators who recruit 2 per-centers who recruit 1 per-centers and the whole thing ends up in someone's garage somewhere collecting dust.  Its too complicated, requires you to purchase way too many overpriced products that you may never even use, and hard sell recruit way too many people who are going to quit a week later anyway.


Well, let me tell you, this "$5 matrix program" that Bill offered to me is very inexpensive to start up, next to zero cost to maintain, and recruiting is easy because people do not have to work at it to operate it.  All you have to do is set up your internet website and build your online presence, that's it.  Here are some pointers:


1.  Its a 3 x 8 matrix that is filled left to right by each and everyone that joins. Thats right        everyone refers to the same matrix, this is good news for those of us that aren't good at    sponsoring, you will be forced to earn.

2.  The members are not placed into the matrix until their payment to join is manually verified, this makes sure there are never any holes.

3.  There is no monthly fee, it is $5 one time and that's it. You can get as many positions as you like. You can pay using Alertpay or Liberty Reserve. You receive payment using the same  processor you join with. Payments are weekly when you receive over $5 in your account. The $5 pay amount was chosen so that once you receive a payment, any following payments are pure profit.

4.  Anonymity - In the back office your upline will not see any of your personal info, so no unwanted upline emails or spam from other members.

5.  Lastly and this is a biggee for a Matrix program. For every referral you will receive a $1 bonus! Most matrix programs don't pay referral bonuses. If you are a good referrer, you can make a good extra amount on top of the over $6000 possible when the matrix is filled under you.


The $5 Matrix Program currently has a referral race going.  This is what he has posted:  Referral Race has started Jan 3. The first member to get 10 verified paid referrals, will receive $20, second at the time will receive $5. This is in addition to the $1 per referral bonus normally received. Join now and you could still win


if you are like me, looking for a way to have your won business, earn a little extra cash, don't believe in "get rich quick schemes" and prefer a simple to operate business rather than a complex and confusing hard sell business, then use the link below to join the $5 Matrix Program today and begin earning that extra money you have been dreaming of.

5 dollar Matrix Program

you can receive your pay from the 5 Dollar Matrix Program through AlertPay.  AlertPay is a free service much like PayPal.  If you are joining the 5 dollar Matrix, then you need this FREE account.  Sign up here:  Get your FREE account with AlertPay

When you register to join the 5 dollar matrix program, be sure to make note that you were referred by chareford



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Mar 17th 2011 at 8:06 PM by GTBulmer
Hello, Chareford: Thanks for sharing this program with us and for detailing it so well. GT :-)
Jan 8th 2011 at 7:58 AM by LonnieG
Thanks for the information on the $5 Matrix Program; there ARE some very good ones out there that do exactly what they are supposed to do ... much success to you. ~LonnieG P.S. Welcome to IM Faceplate!

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