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Apr 3rd 2011 at 6:40 AM

This is another in my Mind Shift Marketing series, this MSM technique I use in Marketing comes from the childhood trauma of being bullied, I was a bully magnet because I was an A student, and got beat up mercilessly by bullies until my Mother sat me down one day and taught me the science of using my mind. She said son, you're brilliant, you're an A student and never caused me a day of trouble and you have to learn how to use your mind correctly. She said she can't teach me how to think but she could teach me how to use my mind. From that day on I barely had to fight again, only to defend myself or my family. Here are a few tips that may help you in your Marketing.

 1. Never ever join a group, forum, or Marketing site full of people who already have Home Businesses and begin to preach to the choir, its an excercise in futility.

2. Take the path less traveled, in other words check out the places that not too many people know about and set up shop.

3. Try to be the first one on a site that has the potential to get hot and you'll have the definate advantage, everybody else behind you will have to play catch-up.

4. Always be the one to extend a helping hand to the newbie, they'll never forget you for it and may at some point become a member of your team. Remember, it wasn't that long ago when you were Green as a Pool Table and twice as square yourself.

5. Be consistant: That's my saving grace, I'm plastered all over the internet in a good way, I welcome my people and prospects to Google my name.

6. Brand your name: That's the most powerful and important thing we were given at birth, If you have the guts to use your own real name online and brand it you're someone I want to get to know.

7. When joining these different Marketing sites fill out your full profile and add a picture, pets are cute but when I'm talking business a pic of your dog, cat or a sunrise just don't cut it.

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