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Body Align Review

Jun 6th 2013 at 6:08 PM

This is my review of the Body Align MLM program.  The Body Align program sells health and wellness products powered by holographic provider Powered by 8ight, Inc. (holographic Scalar Wave 8ight disks and wrist bands).  The Body Align program CEO and founder, is Steve Lepkowski, with the head of marketing training, Tony Berthelot.

The URL is "", which was created on Nov. 5th, 1998, is set to expired on Nov. 4th, 2013 (in just 4 months), and servers are located in Chicago, IL.  It is originally shown as being registered by a company name T.H.E. Investments Inc. o/a Body Alignment Technique which is located in Orillia, ON, Canada.  But the Body Align website lists its home office as Body Align in Virginia Beach, VA. USA, very strange.

Here is a little history on the Body Align CEO, Steve Lephowski.  In Feb. 1999, being fresh out of school he went to work for Texas Instruments as the director of marketing.  In Feb. 2005 he left TI and went to work for Liberty Tax Service as VP of sales until Oct. 2009.  He is also shown a owner of a Sonic Restaurant franchise from 2005 to present.  He starting as CEO of Body Align on Jan. 2013.  I must assume that from Oct. 2009 to Jan. 2013 he must have lived off his Sonic Restaurant earnings as I can not find any MLM experience for him.

As far as head of marketing training, Tony Berthelot, he is the founder of Unique Marketing Concepts.  But with a lot of companies online with the same name and two located in Florida, I was having a hard time finding his company.  You would think that with his self stated "years of online marketing experience" both he and his company would have a larger online presents.

What Is Body Align? The web site states that Body Align products areBody in the form of the 8ight holographic disc that promotes balance, energy, and influence the body for all around better health.  They also state that their unique marketing system has created an "Evolution in Wellness Technology and the Network Marketing Industry" for teams of professionals to create a world of opportunity for everyone’s success and that Body Align is about creating health and wealth by directly selling retail its advanced holographic products to our customers (affiliates).

How Does Body Align Work? Body Align uses what it calls the Tri-Dep-Trix compensation plan.   It cost $149.95 (plus $3.00 shipping) to get started, for which you receive the following starting kit of two 8ight wrist bands and 60 8ight stick-on body disks, plus access to the Body Align Marketing Machine (BAMM), and entry into the 3x8 Dual Entry Positioning (DEP) cycling Matrix.  Also you must also pay $29.95 each month to qualified to receive any commissions, plus you get four additional 8ight body disks.

You receive $360.01 (7 x $51.13) after your level one (3 positions) and level two (first 7 positions) are filled in the matrix.  This is called a cycle.  You are then require to pay out another $149.95 to purchase another starter kit (2 wrist bands/60 disks) and to placed you back into the matrix to cycle again.  This means that your gross earnings are $210.06 per matrix cycle.

You earn commissions of $2.25 on the $29.95 monthly auto-membership fees that your personally sponsored referrals pay in, down to level 8 of your 3x8 matrix.  The program also offers a pay-it-forward option (Benefactoring) that you can use to pay the $152.95 ($149.95 + $3.00 shipping) for new referrals.  You will then receive $84 and your Benefactor receives $126 for each the first 2 times they cycle out of the matrix.  Why the program only pays out $210 total per cycle and not the $360.01 as for regular cycling, I do not know.  Unless the program automatically deducts the $149.95 to re-cycle your benefactor.

Payment for the the $152.95 ($149.95 + $3.00 shipping) starting kit and $29.95 monthly auto-membership are all paid by credit card only.  The site does not disclose what payment processors affiliate commissions are paid out with or if there is a minimum withdraw amount.

My Opinion.... After reading everything and watching all the videos on the Body Align website, there is NO DOUBT that this MLM program will be 100% affiliate driven.  Even though the program talks about retail customers, I see no way for a non affiliate or retail customer to purchase only products from the web site.  Everybody that joins this program are REQUIRED to join as an affiliate, which I consider a RED FLAG for a product based MLM program.

Now a little history about the 8ight LLC holographic stick-on disks that Body Align is being peddled to its affiliates.  Do they really WORK as advertised?  Only you can decide if they truly work or not, as 8ight is the only company making claims of influencing the body using holographic disks.   8ight has done testing with live blood, heart rate variability, thermal imaging, ORP, pH, biocoherence and body voltage to measure effects that are positive for the body.  In addition, a independent university research lab has completed a double-blind, placebo-controlled, repeated-measures, pilot study, that showed positive effects on the body, but the positive effects of holographic disks have never been recognized by the USDA.

I am also VERY concern about joining a new MLM program, when the founder and CEO has almost NO experience in MLM company field.  I am sorry, but I do not believe being a owner of a Sonic Restaurant franchise for 9 years prepares you to be a CEO of an online MLM business.

I have also looked over Tony Berthelot's Body Align Marketing Machine (BAMM) marketing program, and the getting a domain, SEO, email, social, blog, and video marketing training can be found for free at MyPIP and/or MyPIP CPA.  And the text, video email, and webinar marketing training can be found for free at WowWeSo I do not see much added value in the BAMM marketing program.

I guess the next question you need to ask yourself, are you willing to spend $152.95 just to find out if the wrist bands and disk work or not?  Not me, as I can purchase a wrist band and seven stick-on disks directly from the 8ight online web site for only $58.95 to test with.  If you say YES, than I know that you are just joining for the compensation plan and could care less if the product works.  But I do know that the cost of $29.95, per month, for just 4 new stick-on disks is out of line, as you can purchase 7 of these disks for only $24.95  at the 8ight online web site.

Plus this is not a new technology, as these disks/bands have been around for 7 years now.  And what are the chances that people just go online or to their local pharmacy to purchase these when online prices start to drop, instead of purchasing them from you? Remember the 8ight wrist bands and disks are also currently being carried in 1500 independent pharmacies in the US and several online stores.

My suggestion for "newbies" wanting to making money online is to bypass this program.  The problem that all "newbies" will have, making any money at all with this program, is getting the needed referrals just to break even.  If you are not already GOOD at getting MLM program referrals then you could EASILY LOSE money with this program, given the $29.95 monthly cost.

Your Friend,
Philip Reitcheck

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Jul 24th 2013 at 8:43 AM by greentrees
"Seriously", if you had checked on my link to this posting you would see that I had posted an Update to the blog post correcting the items in your comments.
Jul 23rd 2013 at 8:28 PM by seriously
Hey, Not a person of Body Align, but I do want to let you know the research I have done differs (and it is right on their website). - They sell wristbands and 6 different stick-on discs on their website - The $149 (ish) difference is because when you 'recycle' another 'kit' is sent out. - You receive 50 of the stick on disc for the $30 (ish) a month fee. Now, does this mean I am rushing to join, no.... however, it does add value to the dollars spent. - Have you tried to purchase from the 8ight website; I find it cannot be done. - If the concept of acupressure/acupuncture are foreign to a person, they are several thousand years behind, not 7 or 8. Frankly I see no reason why it would not work to stimulate the targeted areas, almost any interference will. - Perhaps what the MLM 'industry' needs is a business/marketing professional looking from the outside in to provide some integrity (for a change).

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