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Black Friday is No Longer the Darkest Day For Internet Marketers!

Nov 25th 2011 at 10:09 PM

Have you ever thought of becoming one of the super wealthy affiliates? Well if no then here is the chance for you to become a wealthy affiliate. Read my full review of wealthy affiliate and learn how you can become a super wealthy affiliate?

Not long ago, I was looking for a way to make money online and was struggling to find the right way. It was a tough job because I had no experience or whatsoever but my hard work paid me the price. I don't know who but someone recommended me to try a great training source available online. It was hard to believe but I had to give it a try because desperate man does all when it's a matter of earning money online. I am really happy that I tried it.

The system I am talking about is known as Wealthy Affiliate and they are giving training for the last 6 years. Wealthy Affiliate was born in 2005 when Kyle and Carson thought of starting something which can train people who are looking to make money online with right opportunity.

So What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a training school where people get trained on how to make money online by some great trainers who are making 6 figures income every month. It is a place to learn the complete A,B,C of Internet Marketing.

Here is a brief outline of some of the "core" sections at Wealthy Affiliate:

Home Dashboard

This is where you will find the main menu, the latest Wealthy Affiliate news, and access the entire tools offer at WA (within the top toolbar). Wealthy Affiliate will also publish any new resources or tools that they have created on this page and give previews to upcoming launches.

Another thing available is the Dashboard modules.  These are modules that you can move around and add to your dashboard as you like.  Wealthy Affiliate is always adding new modules as well.  Think of these as live feeds as to what is happening at WA...everything from forum activity, to your live WA affiliate stats!


This section includes tools and resources that will help you manage your campaigns, goals & tasks, and your passwords.  You can also see which course you have taken so that you can track your progress through WA.

It also contains areas for posting and offering your services for jobs within WA (WA Jobs) and is where you will update your profile and payment details if need be.

You will also find out more information about (Kyle & Carson) and get access to member testimonials (and you can even post your own testimonial)!

WA Spaces (Networking)

If you want to connect with fellow aspiring and successful Internet marketers, this is the place to be.  Within your own personal WA Space, you will be able to set-up your own profile which can include pictures, your personal story, websites, your skills, and contains data pertaining to your membership.

You can also create your very own blog.  Like other blogs, people can comment and you can really chat about anything that you like.  Many people have awesome blogs within WA that get a great readership.  You can really get quite the following if you spend some time updating your blog regularly.

You can also add buddies within your WA Space.  Search for them, add them when they make a comment on your space, or add people you like.  Add both of us if you like!  This creates a great networking opportunity and will allow you to follow your friend's actions around WA!

Training Center

The Training Center contains all the tutorials, videos and guides that you need to succeed online. These resources are based on their experience and will walk you through many components of Internet marketing that you need to understand to succeed online.  They are divided up into different categories that allow you to get specific training in any marketing area that you want to learn either it is an article marketing, affiliate marketing, PPC, keyword marketing or niche working .. you name it they have it..

Advanced marketers can go through categories and find out what they have to offer.  With over 400 resources, there is enough training for even the most advanced marketer to learn something that they can apply to strengthen their overall profits.

One thing that WA will always try to emphasize is the "action" component.  After you learn something, take action on it.  Action leads to success!

Rapid Writer

Rapid Writer is a proprietary tool WA created for content development, in particular search engine optimized article and website content.  It allows you to not only research and write articles, but duplicate and "spin" new articles through the use of replacement keywords.

This tool is geared towards article marketers and will allow you to build sizable and organized article marketing campaigns efficiently and of the highest quality.

Site Rubix

If you are looking to build your own websites, you should spend time getting comfortable with Site Rubix.  Site Rubix is a full website development tool that anyone can use to create professional looking websites.  With over 100's different website combinations, you will be able to create websites within any industry.  Site Rubix also includes easy image/screenshot/video integration, built-in FTP, and works seamlessly with web hosting.

This will save you on website development costs which can be very expensive if you have to get them created by someone else.  Within Site Rubix, there is a Help section which contains tutorials explain just about everything you need to know.


The forum is a great place to learn from others, throw ideas around, and help others out.

WA Jobs

As mentioned earlier, if you are looking for work or looking to get some work contracted out, WA Jobs is the place to go.  This service is free and offered exclusively within the Wealthy Affiliate community.

You can not only post jobs, but you can offer your services.  If you are a good at something (like writing, editing, website development, etc) that is related to IM, you can like get some work.  Also, if you need work done, this is a great place to go!

Keyword Research Tool /Keyword List Builder

The Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool provides you with the ability to directly query the Google keyword databases and mine for keywords to use in your Internet marketing campaigns. The tool offers the ability to create, manage, and export keyword lists as well and easily integrate with other tools at WA such as the Competition SPY tool and Keyword list builder.

This keyword tool is unlike any "paid" tool out there in that it pulls data directly from Google's database.  Most keyword tools out there pull data from search engines like (???) which carries data that is outdated and irrelevant!

Feeder Sites & Website Templates

If you do not have much web experience, and want to use websites that are already created for you then there is a feeder site section. WA also has a selection of website templates to offer you at Wealthy Affiliate.

Fantastic Support

That is right!  When you signed-up to WA, part of the offer was one-on-one support.  They stay true to this at Wealthy Affiliate and if you ever get stuck along the way, in particular, would like them to look at your campaigns or you have marketing questions then you can contact them anytime.  They are more than happy to help you out. They want you to succeed and often times it may take just a little bit of direction!

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

I can assure you that wealthy affiliate is not a scam. They are here to stay to provide the training to all the new comers and also to the experienced internet marketers as well.

There are many other new improvements Wealthy Affiliate made in the past few days and they keep on improving new things.

I hope you find my review about wealthy affiliate helpful to you. By taking all the training from WA, one can easily become super wealthy affiliate and earn money they ever wished off. You can find more information about wealthy affiliate and wealthy affiliate bonus here


Shaishav Sood
Super Wealthy Affiliate
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