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Business : Helping Others Towards Online Success by showing them HOW I use things I AM A MEMBER OF and/or FIND USEFUL in my business!

Leader of Hip Hop Helpers - We are hip (cool friends), can hop (keep active) and help others! We are becoming Cyber Turtles!

Owner/Developer of AquaticTraffic and GhostRiderTE which will both be training programs for using marketing tools online.

General :

Horses and Music (anything with a great beat or meaningful words for me)

Reading and Wild Things (stormy seas or wind, untamed forests, Nature and her creatures in the wild)

Gods :

Zeus (grandfather, wisdom and lore, sky, sun, energy, karma and time)
Neptune (father, support, sea, tides, defense, direction and rhythms)
Thor/Holly Lord (brother, protection, land, stability, family, tribe, flora and fauna of wild places, also known as the Green Man)

Goddesses :

Isis (aunt, grandmother, educator, protection of innocence, sky, moon, cycles and change)
Demeter (mother, nurturing, earth, growth and harvests)
Diana (sister, huntress and protector of the earth\'s creatures)

Mystic Creatures :

Dragons (lizard cousin, truth, treasure keeper, potential)
Elementals :
Spirit (guidance from the dark of despair into the light of understanding our purpose)
Air (attitude and planning)
Fire (action, desire and motivation)
Water (determination and persistence)
Earth (achievement and manifestation)

Unicorns and winged horses

Hobbies (things I enjoy doing) :

Being an Author (fiction; help files; how-to ebooks, manuals and messages for email training series)

Creating splashes and websites with CSS and HTML

My Spiritual Power Animals :
(see Articles for more info)

Horse - Extender of Dreams (freedom)

Bear/Tiger - Protectress (defense)

Owl - Teacher (learning, knowledge and wisdom)

Cat - Adapter (flexibility)

Badger - Story-Keeper (beliefs and values)

Wolf/Jaguar - The Rebel (independence)

Whale - Wanderer (action and movement)

Crow - Recycler (way-shower)

Dolphin - Spiritual Seeker (conscious choice)

Raven - Creator (imagination and majik-user)

Spider - Weaver (brings raw material together to create something unique)

Turtle - Nurturer (foundation and stability)

Hawk - Provider (hunter/gatherer)

Otter - The Joker (playfulness and relaxation)

Soroya Ravencrest | yhbecpublisher
Snow Shoe Traffic now has Team Surfing,

Biz02 - Loyalty in Your Business

Jul 26th 2010 at 5:59 AM

Several months ago Sam Burgess asked me if I would write an article about Loyalty, so here it is Sam. Thanks for the suggestion!

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of loyalty is that it means supporting and staying through the good times and the bad with a person or business that has done the same for you.

Why do I think this? 41 years ago a man came to my primary school and the whole class was excited as we were going to be able to open our own bank account and save our pocket money for the things we wanted.

We were all around 8 years old! LOL

I remember waiting in line until it was my turn to open an account and was holding my yellow envelope with its meager 50 cents. Not much these days but that was my weeks savings from doing odd jobs and my pocket money.

Today I am still a member of that bank and the only real change to my account as I see it is its evolution from that precious yellow envelope back then to a passbook and now a keycard.

I've learnt many lessons about loyalty and when to change track during that time but recently team loyalty has also been on my mind.

Three years ago I decided to make a commitment and join Team Clean at Startxchange and never thought twice about notifying its leader Adam if I couldn't surf for any reason.

I didn't know at the time back then that this was not something most people did. I just considered it the polite thing to do.

So loyalty to me means sticking by a commitment to do something and following through.

It means letting those who are relying on you for whatever reason, know if you cannot do your bit and why.

Next time I will talk about how manners can make a huge difference in your business and how it relates to loyalty.

Thanks for reading!

Please to comment
Aug 13th 2010 at 10:01 PM by freesia60
Good manners are an invaluable gift Soroya - I can hear my mother smiling at this - they cost nothing and mean a lot.Like you I am a responsible marketer....I always write welcome letters, never cut and paste, etc. Yes we do seem to have a lot in common - my old chook lol
Aug 1st 2010 at 8:48 PM by vinsot21
Yeah this is nice and easy!
Jul 27th 2010 at 11:48 PM by yhbecpublisher
Thanks for the comments Sia, Mark and Sam.

LOL I thought you might Mark being a fellow aussie.

Ok I'm off to write part two!
Jul 26th 2010 at 9:46 PM by sb4269
Love it Soroya! Grand Slam Home Run! Sam
Jul 26th 2010 at 2:15 PM by MarkHodgetts
Lol as a former Bank employee - I recognize the bank and wish that they continued to treat their customers the way they did 40 years ago. Loyalty pays its own reward in the end. Perhaps the greatest example of that is when you build such a relationship with your customers that you can confidently send them a naked Clickbank link and know that they will buy from you out of loyalty. Tough test to pass. I know some people I buy from pass that test.
Jul 26th 2010 at 12:21 PM by Siamak
WOW, thanks. Impatiently waiting for the next release. Seems interesting. Sia

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