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Beware of "Pre-Launches"

Aug 5th 2010 at 3:36 PM


 Usually, as soon as we see a pre launch of something paying good, we jump in heads-first, already thinking where can we advertise it, for top spots. If only all our downline joined, we'd be rich overnight with this new thingy!'s becoming more and more usual that pre-launches are...not pre-launches, but mailing list builders. Sometimes you even put your mobile number on the details (which is very good for this), home address (to be used for paper ads and casinos offers, cd included!), e-mail (for clickbank offers, link shorteners campaigns, viagra, dating), you get the picture...this is 2010, you can't possibly make money online with one e-mail account, you're at risk of losing any balance on your payment processor and credit car/bank account, if it's associated! Ever played chess? You have no pawns in front of your king...actually, your king is all alone on the board.

 There's no way to tell if it's a bogus, really, sometimes even famous names are added, for credibility, but the main problem is you not being protected. Protected by a fake main e-mail account and name, change a digit on your mobile number. It they are for real, after launch, it's details you can change. If they ask for your PayPal or AlertPay e-mail, learn to create another e-mail account, associate it with PayPal/AlertPay, do not set it to primary e-mail, and give it away to Pre-Launches or any other program you might be suspicious of, if you really have to...

 It can't ever be stressed enough that, before you join any program, you should read the TOS...but almost no one does. All we look to is the big letters, and the sense we make out of them. In there you should find if your details are going to be shared or, on the registration form, you should have the option to have newsletter or your details shared...if not, well..sure you wanna go ahead?

 Anyway, stay sharp. Mailing lists built like this are endless, making e-blaster look like just a hanfull of email accounts. Black-hat marketers have used this lil piece of psychology for quite a while, but it's becoming too frequent and obvious. If you're a Pre-Launch's fan, build another "you", just in case.


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