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Beware of Free & Paid - Memberships with GURU`s

Sep 14th 2011 at 12:34 PM

Ok, by now you will be thinking I hate marketers, I don`t. I am one.

Let`s set the mood here. You have joined a certain affiliate program or site. You are buzzing with excitement. You can`t contain your self, because tomorrow morning you are going to be a millionaire ! Wrong, wrong, wrong !

That`s what those Guru`s do to you. They psychologically brainwash you with their long sales letter (sales-copy). By the time you get to the bottom of the page, which takes approximately 4 years, your tongue is hanging out like a dog in a desert.

Your credit card is already bulging with debt, but you have just enough to pay for this Super Hyper Ultimate Never Seen Before blah blah blah etc etc etc.

That`s it, you paid, now you get access to a page which is called `The Members Area`. Your eyes are darting around because you are so excited. You see a tab on the page which says, `Boost Your Earnings X 10 etc. You click on it and....................................

`Sorry, Only UPGRADED MEMBERS can view this page.`

How many times have you seen that. They promise you full access to the system and you have to upgrade if you want to start clicking on that page.

Your heart sinks, you can`t afford to pay any more money. Your mind is racing around and saying `Where can I get the money to upgrade or, why did I buy this junk ?`.

My experience is usually the latter. You contact them via email (can`t ever get them on the phone), they send you an email back.

It says -` We are sorry that you didn`t see(buy into) the great opportunity that was presented to you, please click on this link for a free departure gift`.

What happen`s next ? Yes that`s right, you leave your name and email in the responder box for your instant download of an ebook. Which incidentally has a copyright date of 1846 etc.Do you realise what you just done ? You have opted in to another mailing list and you will get more crap from that GURU. Guess what, you will buy again because the clever guru`s know what you like to spend money on. They will even re-brand an old product and dupe you into buying it again. I seriously know people who have eagerly sat at their computer with a feeling of `De Ja Vu`  ! Period.

This applies to all paid and free memberships. Please use this advice and put it to good use. Don`t fall for B.S.


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