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Better-Living Global Marketing Review

Mar 11th 2013 at 6:27 PM

My review of the new Better-Living Global Marketing income program.  I am not even sure where to start with this one as it is one of the most jumbled up messes I have ever seen, but here goes.  Better-Living Global Marketing ( is the website for the income program.  Its website details are - administrator Wing Wa, technical Luke Teng, registrar Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company Limited, server location  Hong Kong, created 7 months ago, website expiration date Aug. 23, 2013.   The Better-Living Global Marketing site is show as owned by Topmate Technology Co. of which I cannot find any web page for.

The Better-Living Global Marketing income generating program is the Bidders Paradise penny auction site (  Its website details are - administrator Luke Teng, technical Luke Teng, registrar Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company Limited, server location  Hong Kong, created 7 months ago, website expiration date July. 22, 2013.  It is currently showing only 966 daily visitors.

Here is where it starts to get "weird".  There is another Better-Living Global Marketing website and it is (, which is also tied into an other site called  MSP-Power Marketing (  And if you go to either of these two websites you will find that they deal in vehicle lubricants.  But both of these sites details are almost the same as the Better-Living Global Marketing programs (member.bp8.nk) website site.  Their details are- Administrator Wing Wa, technical Luke Teng, registrar Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company Limited, server location  Hong Kong, and website expiration date Aug. 23, 2013.  The only difference is that these companies are shown as owned by Better-Living Global Marketing Limited, which is a private own company.

How Does Better-Living Global Marketing work? The same way that it seems that all these ZeekRewards and Zeekler penny auctions clone sites like Bidify, PennyGrab, Bidideal, DealDash, GoFunPlaces, etc.  You join, buy bids, give bids away, earn daily profit sharing.  Nothing new here, except the Better-Living Global Marketing's compensation plan is right out of a CPA's nightmare.  There is NO WAY that I can describe it in this blog posting, so here is a video -  If your brain hurts after watching the video, do not  worry, so did mine.

I found one other person promoting his Better-Living Global Marketing link and here is some of the "hype" he is putting out. "No Logging In and doing anything in your back office from day to day.", "Just use at least 20 bids per day, or all 2000 bids on bid caddy and your qualified...", "Company owned its own ewallet, so Dividends and Commissions can be cashed out the Next Day!", "High end auction products - Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Apple...", and "Very Few Referrals Need to Very Large Six Figure Earnings!".

My Opinion...... What does the ZeekRewards, Bidify, Bidideal, DealDash, and GoFunPlaces penny auction programs all have in common?  They have all "failed" and lost a lot of people a lot of money.  What I cannot understand is why people continue to join these penny auction profit sharing programs, knowing that every one has FAILED that have come out since the failed ZeekRewards penny auction program.  What is wrong with people?  How many times do you have to get bitten, trying to pet a "mad" dog, before you learn to stop petting this dog?

Plus the bad part of all this is that the Better-Living Global Marketing program has even more RED FLAGS then all the other "failed" penny auction programs that came before it, combined.  Like the multiple websites with the same name, or the fact that the auction website is scheduled  to expire in just 4 months, or the fact that all the other websites are scheduled to expire in just 5 months, or how about the fact that you are dealing with a company from Hong Kong that has no laws to protect you, or maybe the fact that they are promoting the program as a "do nothing, make six figures" type program which you know is a lie, or how about the fact that the money earning Bidders Paradise penny auction site is only getting approx. 966 visitors per day (almost the exact same number as the Better-Living Global Marketing site), or the fact that even after the penny auction site has be operating for 7 months it is still not listed on ANY penny auction statistics sites, or the fact that you will need a CPA just to try and figure out the compensation plan.  DO I NEED TO SAY MORE?

As far as I am concern, I am not just going to walk away from this program, but I am planning on RUNNING away from it. 

Just My Opinion,
Philip Reitcheck
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Nov 6th 2013 at 4:20 PM by ninocanela
Yo recien inicie en este negocio y en mi primer mes recibi mas de 2000 dolares.. si te interesa ponte en contacto conmigo...
Oct 17th 2013 at 12:29 PM by janeth
por favorrrr,mandenme la informacio ,para poder comprar una unidadd ,pleaseeeeeee..... :-)
Oct 16th 2013 at 2:57 PM by jomero11
Hola Janett yo te puedo ayudar dime conoces a alguien k este haciendo este global marketing?? si conoces a alguien el o ella puede hacerlo por ti pero si no conoces a nadie yo ya llevo desde principios del año haciendo esto y yo puedo ayudarte a inscribirte,la verdad a mi me gusta este global marketing ya he recuperado toda mi inversion y ahora solo disfruto de las ganancias este es mi correo si kieres escribirme y asi te doy los detalles bye bye
Oct 16th 2013 at 12:12 PM by janeth
Esty interesada en comprar una unidad ,pero no se como ni donde ,alguien me puede alludar...
Sep 22nd 2013 at 9:26 AM by lama2010
I have joined BLGM 3 months ago. I have almost all my capital back now. I m really enjoying this program. You dont really need to find new member or recruit downline. the best thing is you can transfer money to your bank instantly. 2% charge is applies though. If you have any query, plz contact me on thanks.
Jul 31st 2013 at 7:08 AM by sham1
Mr Reitcheck you have an interesting persective on this company.. but I was looking through your other reviews and found that you are lashing out at this business but are promoting Banner Brokers.. last time I checked .. which was yesterday Banner brokers is NOT paying its members til Sept bc they have to build up the bank.. I find THAT concerning.. If you want a legit business where it is CUSTOMER DRIVEN.. not distributor driven and u dont even have to find your own customers then contact me at Legit business with awesome tax writeoffs. I got back 4500.00 my taxes from this business and I get paid every week/month from it/..
Jul 19th 2013 at 10:14 PM by HCHARRY
Wow, these other commenters are so clueless. The author lists programs similar to this one in the past that fell apart or got in trouble with the government and yet you think this one is going to be any different? Yeah they all start off well but see where this program is in a year or two after it launched if it lives that long. That's the problem with MLM, people keep telling you "be business savvy", "expand your mind", "get rid of limiting thoughts", "you're a loser that just wants to work 9-5 because you won't join me and pay hundreds or thousands of dollars" when in reality they are the losers by convincing people that ANY of these programs are going to last forever because all they really do is collect their commissions from their downlines, ride it out until the pyramid collapses on itself and then it's on to the next one! You can ignore the advice he gives and the reasons why he doesn't want to join but you and/or your referrals will pay. Enjoy losing your money and credibility, LOL!
Jun 26th 2013 at 6:10 PM by megabux
Actually the comp plan is quite easy to understand. Not everybody is an idiot Philip.
Jun 8th 2013 at 9:09 AM by san2013
every business got risk and non of the business alive forever.. time will change and business will change from better to best or best to worst.. but Better-Living Global Marketing an opportunity to every single person of the world to make there future bright... this business is set up by many years research on the online networking marketing much more educated business man involved on this business. better living future is bright. well mr Philip Reitcheck i have seen all your blogs almost all you comment pointing negative on other business. your opinion are great but utilize this opinion to build up on your own business or work ... bless you.

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