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Sep 16th 2010 at 6:37 AM

Optimizing your website is a very competitive world. It seems like every day people are coming out with books, videos, software, etc. that claim to help you reach the first page on Google. A small number of these products do work, many of them don't.

SEO Elite is one of the top Search Engine Optimization programs. A google search for the program turns up over one million results. It's a very popular piece of software.

So how does the software itself do? I spent awhile taking a look at SEO Elite, so I decided to do an SEO Elite Review. Although it's very expensive, I have to say, I am very impressed with SEO Elite. Although SEO Elite is a bit pricy, it's got a lot of really good tools for your website. Let me go ahead and discuss some of the various features.

Backlink Analyzer

This is one of my favorite features. The backlink analyzer lets you analyze the backlinks of any website. For instance, you can run this tool and analyze one of your website competitors. This tool will give you a list of their backlinks. How many of them are .edu or .gov links? That's important to know because Google will favor those type of links. The backlink analyzer will also give you the exact web addresses of these websites so you can go and get a link from them yourself. In addition, you can see the anchor text used for these backlinks, the page rank, etc. As you can tell, I'm definitely a fan of the Backlink Analyzer.

Obtaining Backlinks

This is a very popular tool. However, I have some mixed feelings about this tool. This tool is used to obtain more incoming links to your website. As you may know, this will help your google ranking.

When you run this tool, there are many options for searching for link partners. You can find link partners based on keyword, page rank, alexa rank etc. It seems like a nice tool. However, my problem I have with this tool is some of the websites that are found may be sites that have very little value when it comes to inbound links. For instance, some argue having inbound links from link exchange programs may actually HURT your website. Be careful with who you get inbound links from. If you understand this though, this tool can be a great tool to use.

Monitor Link Partners

This tool is pretty simple. This allows you to look at your link partners and verify that they are still linking to your website. It's a useful tool, although I rarely use link partners, so I don't really have any need for this tool.

Check Your Web Rankings

Ok, this is my favorite tool. I absolutely love this tool. This tool allows you to enter your website, keywords, and search engines. From there, SEO Elite will search and see where your website ranks for the various keywords you picked. In addition, SEO Elite will track your rankings over time and create a graph for your rankings. I absolutely love this and love looking at the graphs.

Analyze Indexed Pages

This tool allows you to see which pages on your website are indexed. It's pretty self-explanatory. It can be useful if you are frequently adding pages, or just created your website and need to see which of your pages have been indexed.

Article Submitter

This tool lets you submit your articles to dozens of article submission websites. Some people like these article submission tools, some people don't. If you like them, you will probably love this. If you don't like article submission tools, you probably will never use this. ;)

Besides these tools, there are other tools included with SEO Elite that you can use to optimize your search engine ranking. But these are what I consider to be the main tools.


In closing, like I said, I am very impressed with SEO Elite. I should note, there is also a money back guarantee. So you don't have to worry about wasting your money if you decide to buy SEO Elite and end up not liking it. But yeah, that ends this SEO Elite Review.

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Sep 16th 2010 at 8:23 PM by 4SFI
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Sep 16th 2010 at 1:37 PM by ecco1729
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