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Best Promotional Techniques for Your Small Business

Sep 29th 2015 at 4:35 AM

  • The Internet – Plenty of social aspects have seen improvement by way of the web and marketing isn’t the exception here. With all the web banners, commercials and videos, it is safe to say it has changed the way advertisements work.

Furthermore, there are a lot of free ways of promoting your small business, so this might be an ideal thing for you. Every company, no matter its size, should be on Facebook, as well as have Twitter and LinkedIn pages. Everyone is using these social media sites so your customers are likely to hear about you straight from there.

  • Street tagging – This is no longer a thing that only the cool kids do. Many companies, from your local flower shops to large food chains are using this promotional technique to lure their customers in. Think about hiring an artist to paint a wall next to your store with vivid colors, as this will attract everyone’s gaze. Don’t refrain from advertising your small business on sidewalks, crosswalks, streetlamps and the like. This is the perfect time to get creative and imaginative.

  • Sponsorship – When looking for ways to advertise, think of every object or surface as a potential promotional spot. Contact taxi services, bike and car rentals, even the public transportation department – you never know what your options are until you check every corner of your city.

  • Billboards and posters – Even though this means of advertising has been around for quite a while, there is no evidence that it is withdrawing. On the contrary, the billboard business has remained unchallenged by modern ways of promotion such as the Internet itself. Printing services still remain busy and working, even after all the years of tradition. Besides, there’s just something about going old school.

  • Flyers – Another way to promote your business in printed way, this technique does tend to make using it worthwhile. Contrary to the popular belief, people who read flyers are not a myth. In fact, think back bit – without a doubt, you have read dozens of them, even though you simply transported them into a trashcan. Somebody will find this useful and visit your business.


  • Cold calling – Admittedly, this does tend to be annoying and unpleasant. No one wants to be woken up from their afternoon nap by a random phone operator. However, it is a crucial step in promoting your business. It is very important that you don’t disregard this part as trivial, as it is a great way to spread your name.


Innovative, or otherwise, marketing is crucial for your small company. Keeping up with the trends is very important, but do not refrain from using the old ways. In fact, my advice here would be – advertise as much as you can, even past the point of annoyance. The goal is to spread your name.

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