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May 7th 2015 at 2:02 AM

Hum.Lin Ru Nu humed 1 and turned round Walk.Lin Ru's under charge those police see his/her own superiors all walk, Leng Leng, hurriedly heel go best iphone cases up. See a group of polices all the ash slip away of walk, the shadow killed of the brotherses loudly of sneer at.The laughter that hears back, Lin Ru walked sooner, the different meeting disappeared at the front door of blue sky small area. Everyone doesn't smile.The Samsung the galaxy 3 caseses sinks a voice to say. Hear the cell phone cases words, the shadow kills of none of the brotherses dared to made a noise again and all saw cases toward the cell phone, the cases facial expression of the cell phone wasn't that good-looking, copied to kill now of the brotherses immediately none of atmospheres dare. We now although have already stood firm a heel in sea City, R.O.C, we also can not so overbearing, with police toward to do this kind of affair hereafter absolutely disallow to again living, listen to understand to have no.The Samsung the galaxy 3 caseses pulls a long face to say. BE.The member whom the shadow kills at the same time should 1. Like, everyone spread.The iphone case Samsung the galaxy 3 caseses puts a hand, in the mind but should seek tiger at considering five brotherses discussed words, restructuring the style was to absolutely apple iphone 6 case have a necessity of. Long Shao.Samsung the galaxy 3 caseses just thinking seek tiger five brotherses talk, their several people but oneself came.Tiger 4 people are to listen to small China say cell phone cases be subjected to severely wounded, just let go of a handy work, urgently wear to rush through to come over. I am about to seek you, unexpectedly you all came, leave together with me.The Samsung the galaxy 3 caseses tooks a look tiger five brotherses and signals hint them to walk together with they.Finish saying, the 6 caseses of best iPhone keeps the front door of dynasty xchconvcase blue sky small area to walk for the path. Later tiger 4 people see the cases facial expression of the cell phone not kind and hurriedly walk to small China nearby and inquired what matter, small China 15110 gave the tiger 4 people affair to say 1 time.The tiger blames and scolds small China way after listenning to:You how don't obstruct the brotherses, what police represent is a government and no matter how it is, say, we can not make something to turn over with them. I acknowledged wrong.Small China sincere apology.

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