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Best earning strategy for Neobux

Jan 31st 2013 at 10:16 AM

Please read this paragraph before you continue,
I want to warn you that making money with trusted and legit Pay to Click site is a long journey and not a shortcut. You have to be patient for months and especially at first months, I have no attention of lying or trick anybody that he/she become rich in a short term. You may  consider Pay to Click sites like a shorter pension program that you are investing time and money (if you want to speed things up like me, otherwise you can only invest time but it will take longer)  in order to reach a threshold of good managed rented referrals and then you will enjoy the benefits of that investment. So if you are sure that you can do the same please continue reading.
Thank you very much.

Let's start with Neobux:
sign up first by clicking
1.  Click all ads everyday
2.  Upon reaching 2$ in your account, transfer it to your rental balance.
3.  Rent a 3 referral pack
4.  Recycle referrals if they don't click within 4-5 days, but before doing that, check first his average (AVG). If he still averages 1.5 click and above, give him 1 or 2 days before recycling.
5.  If you have observed that these referrals are active, extend the 2 of them for 90 days.(it will cost you 0.72$ or 960 Neopoints).
6.  Two weeks after you rented these referrals, rent again for three another pack.
7.  Repeat step 4 and 5
8.  Rent 3 referral pack (now you have 9 total referrals)
9.  Repeat step 4 and 5
10. Now, extend the 3 remaining referrals to 90 days if you have enough renting balance.
11. You now have 9 rented referrals who are all extended for 90 days.
12. Again rent 3 referral pack.
13. Extend this referrals for 90 days
14. Now you have 12 rented referrals, all extended for 90 days
15. This time, start renting bigger referral packs. Advisable is 10 referral pack 
16. Don't forget the recycling strategy.
17. Continue renting and extending referrals until you reach 300 rented referrals.
18. Stop renting referrals by this time but don't forget the recycling strategy.
19. Wait until your main balance hits 90$
20. Upgrade to GOLDEN account. This time, you will double your income from your rented referrals from 0.005$ per click to 0.01$per click. 
21. Rent more referrals if you want to earn big and just repeat the cycle. Recycling is the main key in getting active referrals.
Well that's it but keep in mind that except rented referrals there are Direct referrals that you can have by recommending Neobux to others. Direct referrals are pure profit for you as long as they are active and click all ads.   
In Neobux you can manage your rented referrals by paying Neopoints instead of cash and that is a great feature that only in Neobux can be found, because it saves you time and money.

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