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Beginners Guide to Wordpress easy Web Site Install

Feb 27th 2011 at 4:37 AM

A Comment was put on my Site recently,  and because of this I decided to completely rewrite my Article on "Easy Web Site Install" I even changed the Title,
Just to explain my reasons for this new Article and my old one .

When I came back onto the Internet after my illness,a few years ago, I decided to build my own Web Site.
I looked around for a Server Host, and decided to go with "Just Host" and believe I made a good choice.they gave me what I wanted. (This is my opinion ,we all have our own)
Then I choose my Domain Name, and started to build my Site.

Because of my limited knowledge on building a Web Site I had to find something that even I could do.
I tried a few different ways until I decided on Wordpress.
Wordpress is a system that allows you to manage your Web Site's Content,with just a few clicks of your mouse.

So to-day I would like to share with you what I have learned,and perhaps it may help some of you, who do not know how, to Install Wordpress to your Web Site.
I have put here a Step by Step guide,

1.    Login to the "C Panel" of your Hosting Account,and click on the following "Icons"
2.    Locate  "Fantastico"
3.    Look on the left hand side for  "Wordpress",
4.    You will then have a new information window "New Installation" ,
5.    "Install in Domain"  your Domain Name here.
6.    "Install in Directory"  leave this Blank. it will be installed in the "Root File " of your Domain.
7.    "Admin User Name"  your choice,whatever name you want
8.    "Admin Password" something you can remember easily.
9.    "Admin Nickname" you can put something that can be associated with what your Site is about,like "Diet Adviser" use your imagination.
10. "Admin Email"  a name you want to associate with your Domain Name so it would be  name@domainname.
11. "Site Name" and "Description" you can change later.
12."Install Wordpress"
12b."Finish"  ( no "13"  I am superstitious)

All done, that was easy wasn't it?

Your Site will take a little time to Propagate,this is normal.
To check just put your Web Site Address in your Browser if it has propagated you will have a Basic Wordpress Installation.
You can now Login to your Admin area with the details you used in your Installation.

You now have a system which for a person like myself,with limited skills in building a Web Site,is a Goldmine of Opportunities.
I will not go into great detail about what you can do with this system, but before I go,here are some Ideas.

You will I am sure want to change your Sites "Appearance",which is the name you will find on the left hand side in your Dashboard.
When clicked you will have a new page "Manage Themes" and "Install New"  choose Install New, and enter the type of Site you want,in the "Search" box
You can do some exploring with this one until you find what suits you best.

The other one I believe that is important is again in your Dashboard,called "Plug ins" look for "Add New" and then you can look for whatever Plugin you want on your Site ,the List is endless.
Put in something that you would like to have like ,Facebook,Twitter or something like SEO,Meta Tags, etc.just experiment.
All the Plugins are easily Installed or Uninstalled with a click of your mouse.

I hope this information has helped you to install Wordpress onto your Site and if you need a little more Information please leave a Comment and I will  Update my Site with more Information.

Remember we can all help each other , it just takes a little effort.

God Bless,

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