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"Be ye therefore transformed by the renewing of your mind..." (Part One)

Oct 24th 2010 at 1:42 PM


Why are you here? I don’t mean on IM Faceplate, per se; why are you undertaking the arduous process of Internet marketing in the first place? Is it simply to “make money?” Log off now and peruse your local want ads. “Making money” is what jobs are for. While it is true that some jobs afford you the opportunity to make a lot of money, there is still a ceiling of triple reinforced shatterproof glass that you will never manage to break. Do you wish to make extra income? Go find a second job. Have I offended anyone’s sensibilities? Good. I’m like that, sometimes. Keep reading. It’ll soothe your anger (maybe).


I can’t speak for anyone else, but when I entered the fray, the no-holds-barred battleground that is online marketing, I entered with one goal in mind – the creation of wealth. This is the purpose for which all businesses exist, no matter the political/economic system in which they operate. In a market economy, they create wealth for individuals, raising the standard of living of society as a whole. In socialist economies, they create wealth for the State, who makes pretty little speeches about raising the standard of living of society as a whole.


Businesses do not exist to make money. I cannot stress this last point enough. Yes, in order to continue to exist, businesses must make money, unless, of course, they are subsidized by the government with no mandate towards profitability (sorry, Amtrak). And yes, those who own and operate businesses want to make all the profit the market will allow. Starting and/or running a business is a risky affair; no right minded individual is going to undertake such risk without expectation of a sizable reward. It is through the creation of wealth that this reward is achieved. Got that? Create wealth and you will “make money.” A lot of it. It is the natural byproduct of wealth creation. Once again, businesses do not exist to make money. When they lose sight of this, they either 1)become unprofitable; 2)get themselves in a great deal of legal trouble; or 3) both 1 and 2.


What do I mean by this “creating wealth” talk? Allow me to illustrate. Joe Mitchell is an engineer for, say, Carnegie Steel. Joe is concerned with all of the accidents that have taken place in structures made of Carnegie Steel. He takes his concerns to Carnegie’s CEO, who tells him to go back to work, make some money. Taking his personal savings, and also obtaining additional funds in the form of family loans (the risk), Joe puts his knowledge to use to create a smelting process that will make steel forty times lighter, stronger, and safer. Having perfected the process after twelve difficult years, Joe patents it, and applies for a round of venture capital to open his own plant.


Soon, Joe’s Mitchell Alloy is all the rage. His small plant can’t keep up with the supply, so he takes the company public in order to build a much larger facility. Joe has created wealth. You see, he created a product for which there was a demand, invested not only his own, but other people’s money into it, provided a healthy return on these investments, built facilities for which others had to be paid, and provided employment for a good number of people. These facilities, these returns of interest on the loans he undertook, the future dividends to his stockholders, the jobs, the extended tax base; these are all the results of Joe’s activities. Again, he has created wealth (He’s also made a lot of money as a result. Man, his stock price is insane!).


You are now Joe. The moment that you decided to sign up as an affiliate or network marketer, you became the CEO of your very own forward going concern. Yes, you are Carly Fiorina, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates. You are now concerned with such things as market share, taxation, accounting, even foreign law. With the ever increasing likelihood that your organization will include representatives that reside in environs other than your nation of residence, you are the CEO of a multinational forward going concern.


This is what you must come to understand, and quickly. You have no choice but to think in this manner. It is essential for your survival. To say it is essential for your success goes without saying. If you cannot bring yourself to think in this manner, congratulations, you are now an employee. Worse, you are an employee that is paying for the privilege of being employed with no guarantee of any return. These are the individuals who pay their monthly autoships religiously, month after month, grumble at their lack of success, leave the company, join another, and start the process all over again. Please, join my organization today. I can make a lot of money before you leave!!


For those who understand the truth of my words, the next epiphany comes in the form of what it is that you’re actually selling. Joe Mitchell is selling a grade of steel that is appreciably and demonstrably better than anything else on the market. You and I are not. Sorry, but no matter how in love you are with your opportunity, that’s the God’s honest truth. My suite of marketing tools from my supplier, WMT is not any better than your suite of marketing tools from your supplier, GVO (cheaper, though). Sam’s overpriced vitamins from his supplier GBG are not any better than Jill’s overpriced vitamins from her supplier, USANA, or for that matter, the overpriced vitamins that I can get by walking down the street to The Vitamin Shoppe. I say things such as overpriced to draw your attention to an important principle, not to call to question the worth of your products. There’s also a reason that I refer to your opportunity as your supplier, but I’ll get into that in part two of this post.


So what, exactly, is it that we’re selling? Me, personally, I like WMT. I like the ease of use of their products, the price point, and the simplicity of the compensation plan. So what? You can get web-hosting, autoresponders and web conferencing anywhere. You may not be able to get them in a bundle as cheaply, perhaps, but you can certainly get them elsewhere. Knowing this, I’m selling the one commodity that is limited in the strictest sense, that I’ve cornered the market on, and that just ain’t available anywhere else. I’m selling Tarnell Brown, and I’m selling him for all that he’s worth…


(That concludes part one of this post. Stay tuned for part two, touching upon, among other things, the importance of YOU as a brand).

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