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Be a Copywriting Genius by Use of This Sneaky Trick

Feb 25th 2014 at 7:39 PM

Making sales in your online business is what it’s all about. Otherwise, you’re simply engaging in a hobby. Nothing wrong with that if that’s what you’re after. But most people who operate an online business want to make money and enjoy time freedom.

There are quite a few steps to take when setting up a business.

You have to:

  • Choose a niche
  • Choose an offer
  • Set up a squeeze page
  • Get an appropriate domain name
  • Set up hosting
  • Drive traffic to your squeeze page

Yes, there a several steps, which require much forethought. So it’s rather disheartening when you have little to no response from prospects looking at your offers.

So, what’s the problem? Is it your ad copy?

It’s not Your Ad Copy

You may be thinking that you’re going to have to get more training in the art of copywriting. Would you be pleasantly surprised to know that it’s not really necessary? Likely, it’s not your content anyway that’s the problem.

You’ve probably been writing ads and headlines for quite a while, and are very good at it.

That’s not to say that you’ll never find it necessary to tweak your work. From time to time that has to be done, and hopefully you’re tracking everything that you do online so that you know when to make needed changes.

More than likely your ad copy is perfect for your offer. Then, what element is missing? It’s a sneaky little trick that’ll move prospects to become customers.

A Sneaky Trick That Will Transform You into a Copywriting Genius

When you write ad copy your objective is to get prospects to take some form of action. It might be to join your list, or it might be to go to a sales page. Whatever the case, your goal is to get your prospect to take action.

Here’s where the sneaky trick comes in. This trick is so obvious that you simply won’t believe it. In fact, you’ve likely already used it. Are you ready for it? Okay, here it is:

TELL them.

That’s right; TELL your prospect exactly what you want him or her to do.

You may be surprised at the simplicity, but most ad copy misses it. That’s why they get poor results. You need a strong call to action. In other words, TELL your prospect exactly what to do.

How to Provide a Specific Call to Action

Before describing the call to action, let’s cover first things first. You need to have great ad copy, which means having an attention-getting headline, along with a strong hook.

You also have to include benefits to your prospect. Remember, your prospect only cares about one thing: “What’s in it for me?” So your list of benefits has to be geared toward what your prospect wants.

Now it’s time for your call to action. Yes, that sneaky trick that’ll lead your prospect to take action on your offer.

Your call to action has to be very specific. Spell out what you want your prospect to do. If you’re offering a free report, then TELL your prospect exactly what to do to get the free report. Use crystal clear words that leave no doubt in the minds of your prospects. Don’t worry about coming across too straight forward.

This may sound hard to believe, but one thing that consistently tests well is “click here.” There’s one of the simplest call to action phrases of all time. But the fact is it works and that’s why you still see it. So, be specific and clearly TELL your prospect what to do.

Use This Sneaky Trick in All Your Ad Copy

As you prepare your ad copy give thought to how you will TELL your prospect what you expect. Keep in mind that your prospects are busy. Their minds are taken in many different directions through the course of the day. They appreciate clarity on your part.


Provide a clear call to action in all your ad copy and your prospects will more times than not take the desired action. Use the sneaky trick to your lucrative benefit!

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