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Health Specialist she's one of re known name in health industry Isabel De Los Rios.
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Sep 29th 2012 at 1:15 AM

The ocular gymnastics strengthens muscles and keeps eyes agile, its realization is a methodical visual rehabilitation practice that improves the functionality of the eyes and visual capacity remains undamaged. They are also beneficial to those who, despite having good vision, want to tone this body as punishment in modern life. While there are some exercises that require time and patience. It is also an exercise of will that can bring great benefits, should be incorporated into everyday life until they behave no effort, ie, until the visual rehabilitation has achieved its goal: to restore natural looking. Often the problem arises of laziness disguised in the form of lack of time: there's always something more pressing to do. But the simplicity of most of these exercises can be performed in a short time and at any place and time. There are those who not only are exercises: sleep with the light off, avoid bad posture ... Caring for our eyes is a matter of attention and become aware of one's body, see what makes us sick and what leads to recovery Health info

These are measures that we all know but perhaps because of its simplicity are given less importance than they have. Prevention is very important, both for the eyes and for the condition of the body, is the essential first step toward healing. Before acquiring new habits that may lead to recovery, we must be aware of those who have led us to the current situation, and get rid of them vision without glasses.


There are various activities that can be helpful when to complete the visual rehabilitation, such as Yoga, Tai Qi, or Qi Gong. The latter even has specific exercises to improve vision. All work practices that vital energy can be helpful, and that tone and relax the whole body, and lead us to state more conducive to recovery and maintaining optimal health and eyes.


As for the exercises, they are of different types: assets, pursuing a particular goal, and relaxation, this state seeking essential to realize the assets and keep your eyes healthy. There are other important factors to be considered and must be combined with exercise, such as sunbathing, outdoor, cold water, the gym and a good diet. The optimal observation of breathing is another irreplaceable element for good vision, not only for his role in relaxation but because it increases circulation of oxygenated blood that reaches the eyes. The low priority given to the breath does not respond to its ability to offer a good quality of life. Could be tested for a while, during which awareness of the breath taking and test what a difference if we make a point of nerves breath or a deep, slow and regular. While performing the exercises, keep breathing deeply and rhythmically, because often, when doing tends to decrease eyestrain or stop breathing at intervals, as if in this way better attend to what is being watched when is the other, and hurts the eyes. If you are reading a text that is heavy, or extremely interesting, tends to minimize breathing, but also in the act of breathing normal reading is usually shallow. If during a read feel pain in your eyes, you just have to try to read by deep breaths and immediately notice the difference, the pain practically disappears and improves eyesight. Also, breathing exercises are also an excellent complement to the visual exercises because, while helping you to relax. The eyes are shaped when the game is visually relaxed, without tension or fatigue Health info.

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