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BannersBroker Updates 6/14/2013

Jun 17th 2013 at 5:28 PM

There has been some new BannersBroker updates that has come out recently that I wanted to tell you about.  First the release of the "official" BannersBroker user manual.  Now you can read all about both what BannersBroker is about, now it works, and how to manage your account.  This gives everybody an

opportunity to explore this great income program, as far as how it works and what you will need to do to make money, before you decide to join this income program.

Another great improvement that is coming soon is a new Debit Card that can be used for withdrawing  affiliate earnings, which will eliminate the current backlog of past affiliate withdraws.   Plus BannersBroker is making sure that this Debit Card company is well connected with them, so that the same thing that happened with the last MasterCard Debit Card will not be repeated.

The company has also added several new ways to allow affiliates to generate "free" traffic.  Now any affiliate can generate Incentive Traffic by either submitting blog articles or by surfing other publishers sites.  This "free" Incentive Traffic can then be used to qualify a affiliates panels.  This gives all affiliates another way to get traffic without having to purchase $50 Traffic Packs.

BannersBroker has also added another great product for their affiliates use.  Online reliable and secure web hosting services from Stellar Point for only $1 per month.  This includes free customer support, a 5GB email account, 30MB mailbox storage, 300MB site disk storage, unlimited bandwidth, free web statistics (reporting), and powerful, easy-to-use online tools that you can use to set up and manage any web site.  Nowhere will you find a better deal on web hosting on the Internet then this.

They have also launched an much improved affiliate support system.  Now support tickets will be tracked in a email client system using an affiliates email address.  No more "lost" or "unanswered" support tickets as a affiliates support ticket reply will both be email to you and stored in your BannersBroker back office.

Another good sign for any affiliate that is concern that BannersBroker is not a "real" or "legitimate" company, is that fact that BannersBroker is now displaying banners, on affiliate dashboards, from Fortune 500 companies like Sprint, AT&T, Citrix, My Corporation, Disney World, Ford, Toyota, Carbonite, Visa, Hiscox Insurance, Blu Dot, and so on..  You can be assured that these Fortune 500 companies would not be advertising on a web site if they did not believe it to be 100% "legitimate".

Plus the BannersBroker company is growing by "leaps and bounds" with offices currently in Canada, Brazil, Greece, India, Ireland, the UK, Poland, Portugal, and Spain.  And with plans to expand into Israel, South Africa, and the far East in the up coming months, making BannersBroker a true international company.

It is also one of the only "legitimate" home base online income opportunities, that I know of, that you do not have to sign up referrals to, find customers for, sell something to someone, stock products, purchase web sites, do cold calling, or even have to drive online traffic to, just to earn money.  Yes it does help grow your business if you do sign up referrals, but it is NOT REQUIRED in order to both earn and grow your BannersBroker business.  Your complete business can be run by yourself, from any personal computer, with an Internet connection.

I started my BannersBroker business back in April, 2012 with only $500 and built my account to $34,000 in panel value.  Plus I have also already withdrawn $5,729.06 in earnings since I started (with the help of 4 referrals).  That equals over 900% annual ROM (return on money), but remember that it did take me 12 months and some work to get to this type of return. 

But with all that said, you must remember that BannersBroker is NOT a "get rich quick scheme" and never will be.  It is a "true" online business and like ANY "true" business it will require you to put in "seed" money, put in some of your time, learn about your business (account), and keep your business (account) managed and up to-date.   Think about it, is there any "true", "legitimate", "stable", "real" online business that does not require all the above in order to be truly successfully?  Well BannersBroker is no different.

If you are interested in becoming an BannersBroker affiliate first Download the BannersBroker user manual and READ IT...  Make sure that you understand what will be required of you to manage your business (account).  Then and only then, make your decision on whether to join me in BannersBroker or not.  With over 400,000 affiliates currently worldwide, and an expected affiliate growth into the millions in the next year, this is without doubt, a great time to join and start your own BannersBroker business.

Your Friend,
Philip Reitcheck


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