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Bad Foods You Thought were Good.

Nov 1st 2011 at 1:55 AM

So much “expert” advice in health care comes from people paid by corporations to sway your buying habits. Drug companies,for instance,send out an army of drug reps every day to brain wash doctors into prescribing more deadly medications.  “Experts” were hired to say cigarettes were not harmful. “Experts” have you believing grains are good for you. Below is  list of consumables you may have been brain washed to believe are good for you.

1) Diet Drinks – You may be swilling down diet Coke,Pepsi,or Crystal Light because they say zero calories. The myth is that consuming drinks(or food) made with artificial sweeteners will help you lose or maintain your weight. The obvious reality is that Americans have only gotten fatter the more artificial sweeteners are consumed. This is because artificial sweeteners are many times more sweet than sugar. This intense sweet taste is interpreted by the brain as an amount of sugar that would produce that amount of sweetness. The brain has no understanding of “artificial sweetener”. Anything sweet, it interprets as sugar. Its response to sugar is to signal the pancreas to produce insulin. Insulin is the primary hormone that controls fat storage. The more insulin you produce,the more efficiently you store fat. Artificial sweeteners make you flood your system with insulin and primes you to store loads of fat.

2) Bannanas – Many people,even doctors,are under the illusion that bananas are a superior source of potassium. If you go down the list of 1,000 foods highest in potassium,you’d go past 950 before you got to bananas. Bananas are very high in carbohydrates that quickly turn to sugar and make you produce insulin and store fat. A good marker for how bad a food is for you is how fast it turns brown or how fast it grows fungus. A good experiment for the kids is to put a sprig of broccoli, a slice of sweet potato,and a piece of banana into a jar covered with a breathable top. Let them see which ones grows fungus then decide which they want inside them.

3) Skim Milk-The “experts” for the dairy industry started promoting low fat/skim milk as a weight loss strategy. Pediatricians at Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s teaching hospital were not so sure. They monitored kids drinking skim vs full fat milk. The kids drinking the skim milk gained more weight. The reason is that skim milk raises blood sugar quicker than whole milk. This causes more insulin production and,as you now know,insulin is the hormone that controls fat storage. Use whole, raw milk.

4) “Salad”- Of course a salad full of dark,leafy vegetables,tomatoes,raw seeds/nuts and good protein is good for you. However,most commercial “salad” bars are stocked with foods that are full of sugar or grains that quickly turn to sugar. Any pasta salad is heading right for your butt and thighs. Pasta is made from white flour which raises your blood sugar faster than sugar. This causes you to produce insulin and you know what happens after that. Other “salads” such as chicken,tuna etc are loaded with mayonnaise that is high in sugar. The dressings are also loaded with sugar,especially the ones that say “low fat”. Use lemon/lime juice,olive oil,basalmic vinegar,grapeseed oil,or salsa for your salads.

Fruit Juice- If you compare the sugar  content of most fruit juices to that of a Coke,you’ll find they are similar. Even drinking “fresh squeezed,organic,orange juice from range fed oranges” is  like giving yourself an I.V. of sugar. Ofttimes these fruit juices(apple,orange,pear,pineapple) are used for products in health food stores. They will quickly raise your blood sugar,make you produce insulin,and store fat. The Odwalla brand of juices you see on the shelves at health food stores have as much sugar as a Coke!  Juices from 100% pomegranite,cranberry,or red sour cherry are lower in sugar. Even better is to buy the 100% concentrates and put a tablespoon or 2 into carbonated water.

5) Yogurt- Plain yogurt with live cultures is good for you. However,those such as Yoplait that are loaded with artificial sweeteners(aspartame,Splenda,sucrolose) or high fructose corn syrup will make you pack on the fat to your stomach, thighs and hips. Sugar causes breast cancer. Ironically,the Yoplait yogurt full of high fructose corn syrup is touted by the Susan B. Komen breast cancer corporation.

6) Granola/Power Bars- These are also usually loaded with sugar or a grain that quickly turns to sugar. Sugar and refined grains are dirt cheap and won’t spoil, allowing food manufacturers to make a literal and figurative killing by selling them masked as health food. Lara Bars are an exception.

7) Soy foods- Using tofu,miso,or tempeh as the Japanese do is Ok. Using the refined soy products that have saturated the American food market is not. Most of this soy is genetically modified. Soy also contains estrogen mimics. Estrogens are the other primary hormones that cause fat storage. This is why women usually have a harder time losing fat than men-women produce more estrogens. Too much plant estrogen can cause cancers to grow just as animal estrogens do. Stay away from GMO soy products. Don’t use soy milk or protein powders.

8) Bagels- For some reason,especially women tend to think that if enriched white flour is in the shape of a bagel,its healthier or lower in calories. Its not! The artificially colored/flavored,supersized bagels at the coffee shops can tack on 500 calories before you ever take a sip of your frappamocha skim milk latteccino. Picture that bagel stuck to your butt as that is exactly where it will end up. Pretzels are bagels in a different shape. Most breakfast cereals are just another way to eat cake(refined grains,hydrogenated fat,and sugar) for breakfast.

9)Rice Cakes- Another popular snack for dieters. White rice is a refined grain like corn and white flour. These are the primary grains used to make pigs,cows,and humans fat. White rice products,especially “puffed” will turn to sugar quickly like corn and flour products do. The reason commercial pigs and cattle are fed a high grain diet instead of what they would normally eat is that grains make them fatter quicker so they generate a higher sell price. If you have a high grain diet,you are preparing yourself for slaughter.

10) Soups- Some Chunky Campbell’s sounds great on a cold day. However,take a look at the sodium content. You can get a whole day’s recommendation in just a couple of servings. Commercial soups are extremely high in sodium. Make your own or find low sodium brands.

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Oct 15th 2013 at 7:17 PM by moringa
It's good to have people writing about this important things. Thank You for your article!
Oct 4th 2012 at 10:11 AM by troy48
hey, Great Article, good info, thanks

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